Picture Me Lyrics

I think we bout to have some haters throwin up around here mayne
Picture me rollin, Picture me rollin(mmm hmm)
Picture me rollin, Picture me rollin(mmm hmm)
(Yeah It's Joseph and Frazier we came to faze ya)
Can you see me? not even if my life was on the T.V
You cowards are too near sighted to read me
Instead of liftin wieghts, I lift forty - fives, and thirty - eights, and K's
When beefin'I don't see my residents for days
You know the one with them automatic gates, and them pitbulls in the back
Twenty two thousand square foot it's far from a shack
So many candy coated cars in my yard, it's like a car lot
We ballin out of control, y'all keep missin free throws
Ten thousand a show, that's one twenty a month
With over one million every 3 - 65, yeah that's whassup
I'm a first degree, felony - murder that's what I am
You a state jail felony, less then a gram
What's the matter y'all actin like y'all mad I'm free?
Like to see me sufferin is what you glad to see
Nope I blew the pennitentary gates wide open
The grave is callin but I'm not ready to go in, so...
Can you see me? nigga not even if I was light
Picture me 7 - 45 when I'm glidin it like a flight
Windows tinted like the night, to keep haters up outta my sight
I'm the truth, definition of somethin you nothin like
Boss status, sick ass version - Le'Bron James
Hoppin outta somethin that'll make haters look all strange
A whole lot done changed since days of bein broke
Now I'm so much of a star you gon'have to get you a scope
I get money and now that I got it I want it all
Walk inside Georgio's, tell e'm give me the whole wall
Swangaz on everything I own, still hood - low key
King of the streets, my stripes is of a O.G
I understand that these haters is pissed
But tell e'm f*ck it, go ahead and add this shit to they list
Look at me laugh at these motherf*ckers, flashin my wrist
I dedicate this to the haters I miss, Real Talk - Picture me rollin...
Picture me, I'm in this all black feelin like the president
Runnin with gorillas who known to run in ya residence
Black Impala got me lookin like I'm Heaven set
Twenty inch black head swangaz'll make it evident
I gotta couple niggas mad on the sideline
I guess cause they ain't get it, they feel I need to hide mine
I know they'd prolly rather see me with nothin
But tell that hater time is hard and go on and picture me thuggin
Picture me rollin on twenty - fo's or better
I got no love for these niggas my only love is for the cheddar
Tryna stack sucker free in the land of lollipops
And if it's about bread - I'm full speed ahead and I ain't tryna stop
Asshole By Nature, better bomb on e'm first
Put this bitch in drive, then put this bitch in reverse
Put this bitch in drive, my mission is to bury you in the dirt
Murder employee of the month cause I'm addicted to my word
Huh, can you see me? can you see my nigga Trae?
I don't think so, these niggas talkin bout they on a whole 'nother motherf*ckin page
Bitch we ain't even in the same book you niggas in nigga huh
Z - Ro Tha Crooked, Trae Tha Truth and incase y'all forgot Asshole By Nature - Real talk
Free Dinkie nigga, Free Pharoah nigga
Rest In Peace to my nigga Pimp C, Rest In Peace to my nigga Big Moe
Rest In Peace to the five star general of the click Big Hawk
Rest In Peace to my nigga DJ Screw, nigga we all miss you
R.I.P Fat Pat the list goes on and on and on, godamn on and on and on and on
Man it's f*cked up but we gon hold it down though
Screwed Up Click all motherf*ckin day till the casket drop - we out!

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Record Label(s): 2008 Rap A Lot
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