Unknown Vibrations
Aaron Unknown
Me Myself & I Falling


Unknown Vibrations Lyrics

To release my tension I write these bars
In school could've made A stars
I was in the back row chilling the motion spilling - the music I make might not be a c
As a kid yeah, I had a good start, couple events then twisted my mind and suddenly changed my path
Mind over man and I switched up fast
See, all of my interests saying both interests count and I'm watching it double up fast;
I felt the shift, notice my vision decrypt, from highlighted to the dark
See in school I was in the A class, dreaming about whipping in the A-Class
They say time is money and I notice a couple man spending time behind bars
I had the chance could've played follow the leader and started whipping A-class
But thanks to my Marge - she's the light at the end of the tunnel with the angel grasp
And it kept me alive, through the times when I didn't have no love left in my heart
Opened my mind in the nick of time and realized that my purpose was from the start
You see I could easily live on an island, with just a plantation of weed
Me and my balanced empress coconut water, rice with the peas
You see my generation has been pushed in a box but I think it's time we release
'cause in this life we are the creators manifestations of what we believe
So why is it every day we're exhausted 'cause we gotta fight some type of disease
They know energy is our currency and we give more time than receive
I spent time in the lies in the streets and majority suffering's what you perceive
But just believe in yourself and you must succeed where you're aspiring to achieve
Let me educate them all, they thought unknown was incapable
But then I came through renewing my energy my lyrics are bio-degradable
They predicted that I couldn't manage
I came through and done damage like an ego that is inflatable
Lyrical content unmistakable see this unique flow is revelational
I'm gonna break the wall of social barriers many unhappy and afraid to talk
And I know some hope that I take a fall; back to my old boss like a labour mule
But that ain't gonna happen 'cause I'm pursuing my passion gonna carry on rapping 'til I take it all
See the powers in my hands manifesting the plans, Energy's down so let me raise the fall;
See I'm, coming with positive bars, forever hoping people might feel it
If I spat these views in a fire in the booth then I hope that Charlie might wheel it
I swear I love this music I need it, the only thing that's keeping me breathing
If one year ago I'd have said that I done music not one person would believe it
Because these people they judge on a visual perspective not as deep as the meaning
And I don't wanna hear your opinion keep it
See I've analyzed, now I've recognized it's magnetized to me for a reason, the truth's deep within me so I preach it
Lyrical context on the top of the trends like the stores at the launch of the season
But see this life's mangled, try get a look in from my angles
Recently I've noticed that threes are key so now man I'm studying triangles
And my instinct shows me the right angles
Tripping it back to the basics - the history's manipulated
'cause there's only one truth and a million lies yeah it's a right shambles
I started to go off track, had a break - now I'm back to pursuing the one thing that I pour passion into - in the booth I'm releasing the factual - last year;
I burnt so many bridges, many bridges that I'll never build back
But now I finally trust in my instincts time to accept what it is and relax - cause every situation has a choice choose to respond rather than react and;
I constantly dance in the light avoiding the shadows where demons wait to attack
See I'm all for a little dance with the devil as long as I leave the dance floor with my vision intact
Therefore the unity of the people is the only reason I want a platinum plaque
So please don't ever try say that you've sussed me out 'cause you've seen me pose for a snap
'Cause that's only half the picture the other half is unknown to release on a track
And as I witness a canon go flash it's like one head shot that's a wrap
But I'm talking 32 gig not 32 teeth as I'm loading the shots to the mac
My mind's now focused I cut out the crap
And yes of course I was praying for Paris
But also praying for the innocents losing their lives everyday in Iraq
What about Ukraine? What about Syria?
What about Lebanon? What about Africa?
And I'm sorry if I left any other names out but it's f*cked all over the map
See I can name places suffering terrorism daily that will never get a hashtag
I can see ladies evacuating with babies knowing they can never turn back
On the place that they once called home
Heartbroken lost and alone but
They're sold dreams to reside in a place they can hide, as long as they can afford the tax

This life is a trap [x3]

"Under New Knowledge Now Overcoming World Negativity;
Big up every single person"

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Songwriter(s): Aaron Unknown
Record Label(s): 2017 Aaron Unknown
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