Day & Night Lyrics

As I enter this room, I can't here your voices anymore
The footsteps of ur shadows
Walkin out of this door

Once again I hold it back
The pain I control
Hurting you day n night
Is the blame I enroll

But If you could open your eyes
You would see it so clear
The tryst is not over
N You will still find me here

With you I felt so close
To the heaven that I chose
But then you gotta leave
N that's the way how it goes

So I sit here
Surrounded by dead memories
All these lost chapters
That keeps on yelling out all my stories

For time when you said
It was hard to live without me
Though you might have felt a
Little less than all what I feel

Now this is the life I chose
I don't want to see how it goes
Now I feel pleasure in pain
I'm turning into a black rose

For the special dates on which
I miss you the most
So close to it, we were there almost
But now it's time to break into woes
(Its time t let it go...)

To find a way, when I colse my eyes
As the darkness falls all I see is you inside
Every day & night, all I do is pray
Counting all my blessing for the same, for the empty space
For you I keep dreaming day & night

2 years, 330 days
I can't even count... I missed u in different ways
Made you feel down and out

So I look the other way
Cuz I can't see you cry
But I kept standing there
Wating for "you" to say goodbye

When You held my hand, form then
I thought I was With you
Constantly keeps on reminding me
Of best that was true

But this all what my destiny got me to
Form my pursuit
As I craved for more
I sliped into the blue

Now I'm writing all these vivid expressions of my thoughts
I'm tired with againt all the wrongs that I fougth

No need, No demands, no desire now I got
Except the one that I had, form the time that I bought

Like when we were in that lift
The acidic pool of love
But the incomplete legacy has swriled my world

Now I don't know what to say & how to react to your words
I'm like standing against a trigger, I feel so absurd

Everything that remains is now for the namesake
Living with what it is, now is the only way

It's better to be so far away
Rather than ending up in a fight
So I've decided to keep quite
& for you no more I can write

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