Ya'll Don't Want It Wit Us Lyrics

[Verse 1: AJ]
You might see me H2 with da black on black
In a butter insides, and I'm sittin on stacks
I keep hot, for da block, cause I rep H-Town
Chickenheads tryna get me cause they wanna lay down
Play 'round, naw man I'm so so fly
My rims float in da air like a kite in da sky
All da ice on my body got me froze in time
I keep my pimp hand strong to keep hoes in line
So much ice on my wrist, I throw yo boy loop
I don't ride rag top, I got convertible coupe
This ain't so time, but my crowd gon clap
Mike Jones on da track, and I think you know that
Your mail and day news be starrin yo boy
I don't blast, I don't care who you are
AJ got bread like my name doughboy
And when me and Mike Jones roll OH BOY

A, A, A-J AJ (WHO)
Ya'll don't want it with us
(AJ) A, A, A, J
Mike Jones (WHO) Mike Jones, Jones, Jones
Ya'll don't want it with us
Mike Jones (WHO) Mike Jones, Jones, Jones

[Verse 2: Mike Jones]
I flip 24's and up (up), sip purple stuff (stuff)
4 18's bangin, screens fallin from my truck (truck)
Platinum in my grill (grill), gotta keep it real (real)
Free Pimp C, so him and Bun can drop trill (trill)
Double-O-3 (3), in a SUV (V)
Swangin lane to lane, knockin kids off da street (street)
Who is Mike Jones (Jones), album comin soon (soon)
Girls pass out when da playa hit da room (room)
Cause they see me comin (comin), grill and da woman (woman)
Open my mouth and show my grill and they say I'm stuntin (stuntin)
Keep da crowd crunk (crunk), always poppin trunk (trunk)
Represent H-Town, city of da skunk (skunk)
City of da surp (surp), swangin on da curb (curb)
If a hater hate then he gon get what he deserve (yeah)
City of da surp (surp), swangin on da curb (curb)
If a hater hate then he gon get what he deserved


[Verse 3: AJ & Mike Jones]
Maybachs hell naw, I'm way passed that
AJ and Mike who, don't even asked that
Old school, new school, nigga take yo pick
And if yo broad lookin right, I might take yo chick
I'm flippin da drop, screens, drop when I beat up yo block
Ya niggas hate so much, ya all on my cock
I got big wheels like I shop at Toys R Us
And I swear to God man, ya'll don't want with us

Ya'll don't want with us (us), cause we too much (much)
Day to day grindin is a day to day must (plus)
If you wanna get paid (paid), no mininum wage (wage)
Hustle to gone playa, hustle to yo grave (grave)
In da club we crunk (crunk), sippin poppin trunk (trunk)
Who is Mike Jones on a million dollar hunt (hunt)
Like Lil Keke (ke), what's up Wadi (di)
It's da Mike Jones and da double O-3


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