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Fell onto this earth first day bucking Nonchalant no goals just living for nothing Sought destruction, shutting out the angels tryna speak to me These demons to my hands with no demands accept believe we And never weep tears, fearful of a soul flying Keep inside all your pains to ensure your slowly dying Prying away at my fabric that's of the moral type So confused cannon loose not knowing wrong from right Yet still polite, it's not my duty here to lead the meek and frail What I expel excel the mind past concrete Nothing to keep, here then gone no time assigned to miss me No plots in dirt or accounts of birth all eyes dry not misty These urges tryna get me to do all evil deeds For money honies, drugs, guns and an abundance of this greed It's tough to see, the light when everything in life been dark thus far I'm search for the answer that matters, oh where's my shooting star

Why the f*ck you say it, if you don't really mean it then It's hard to see the difference tween what's real and not pretend These days do send obstacles impossible temptations Placed in face and then flaunted the illest persuasion Penetration of the brain, gaining pain no safe haven Oh my body feels so cold, as I'm getting old this temp not changing Just might be deranged in this alternate reality Where all that's pleasure together with pain is just a fallacy Galaxies apart from mine as time goes on eternally And yet I feel so selfish as if the flames only burning me Constantly mind be tweaked, I can't see nothing positive Seen bodies lying, families crying, ain't nobody stopping this Why I won't take a shot at this cause I don't know what this means Every time I do solve issues I leave a crime scene Just to haunt my dreams I can't sleep my conscious guilty I need someone to tell me what wrong can yall feel me?

In control of what man? I'm bout to go insane Drift away from the issues, swisher rolled puff Mary Jane Through this campaign, tryna lead my followers to prominence When I don't know the path they still amass I never sought this shit Lost and yet found, where my heart belongs is questionable When every second in this bitch I learn another lesson for For this life time blueprint I'm devising on the hush Only choice I have to gather, divide and construct Till the top is touch at any expense, already evil In my ways, been enslaved by the powerful not my equals He shall earn, the one who listens learns from all stimuli In touch with the nature of the beast at peace, being high Never mean to die, but it happens shit does as if it was Our destiny we never can see but go on just because Fear in us, of nothing just at the end of this journey Forget the stress I invest tryna find the purpose I'm serving

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Record Label(s): 2011 A Tone Da Priest
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