He Don't Mean That Lyrics

{A.Tone Da Priest}
He don’t really mean that, he ain’t neva seen that
Stayin with the strap but he wont never squeeze that
You japing ass, never serious bout nothing
With yo fakin ass, always lyin bout something
With my back against the wall I’m workin on my own time
Gotta watch my back, so I’m stickin to my own grind
You just use the same rhymes, can’t even use your own
Nigga got some ana, but he really really hard to find
I’m getting mine we not the same, ive never ever been a
I do not need a leash cause I already tamed the game
I do not really need the fame, it don’t keep my going
I just spend the money from it on the kush I’m blowing
Disguise you showing folk I see right through it
It times to stop the actin cameras on we’re the true
A new whip and strap don’t make a nigga hard
Better be bout something for they pull your card

Nigga talka big game but he don’t really mean dat
Steady callin out names but he dont really mean dat
Shawty think he the mane, but he dont really mean dat
He dont really mean dat (2x)
Keep the tool on his side but he dont really mean dat
Gettin buck tryna try but he dont really mean dat
Mean look in his eye but he dont really mean dat
He dont really mean dat (2x)

{Lil E}
I hate these flexin ass niggas talkin bout they really
got it
Money cars and clothes but they really do not mean that
A self made nigga, yea and I really mean that
These niggas steady hatin but they don’t really mean
I’m five for five nigga ill show you we’re them beans
And f**k these bitches yea, and I really mean that
The only girl up in my life is Tracy and I mean that
Now back to the topic, if you flexin you can stop it
Cause ill beat you ass like you stole something out my
My patna n them be A.Tone and g I keep a mean bitch
Don on that military shit, you know he bankin stacks
It’s still hard body but the ice crew done brought me
Niggas steady threatenin me but they don’t really mean
I’m tatted like a muthaf**ka boy I know you see that
Can’t catch Lil E slippin boy stop best believe that
f**k it boy I’m still out here boy you best believe

{Yung Jabbo}
The nigga blood gang set but he don’t mean that
Might as well kill yourself throw a been back
My buddy and them got the lean plus some mean crack
I’m tellin you this cause you don’t say what you mean
Say you got hands but got beat thought I ain’t seen
Robbed a nigga for a pound brought the green back
That shit crazy to me, you fugazi to me
You can’t take this something how ya lady took me
You’re a nothing, plus I’m something to see
Gotcha bitch ass breaking you crumbling b
Know that true words sting like a bumbling bee
You say you from the three you not from the jungle to
This a verbal assault, say I’m a mean mac
Next time ain’t gone be verbal I mean that

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Record Label(s): 2011 A Tone Da Priest

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