Plague Lyrics


You don't want me girl
This will never work
I'll f*ck up your world
And bring you nothing but hurt
Cause it's always the same
Things will never change
I'm like a plague baby
All I bring is pain

{Verse 1}

You say you love me
I say I love you too
But in my mind I know I'll end up hurting you

Cause you can't take it baby
All I'll bring is pain
If you are with me your life will forever be changed

No matter what you do
It'll hurt real bad
If you are with me baby get used to bein sad

Cause happiness is gone
Never to return
Maybe when it happens to you you will finally learn


{Verse 2}

It'll never get better
It'll be bad forever
Only clouds and darkness
No sunny weather

You'll lose your family
And your best friends
And the wounds I leave will be to hard for you to try to mend

I'm like a sunset
Darkness follows me
My life is a black abyss that slowly swallows me

And if you get to near
It'll swallow you to
And in a world without you I wouldn't know what to do

So I'm warnin you now girl
Stay away
Cause if you stay with me your life's the price that will be paid

And I can't live with that
I wear only black
Because the darkness has tainted me
I can't turn back

No matter what I try
Tears are alway's cried
I can't bring you in on this cause you could die

Please understand
This is for your own good
If you don't listen to me now soon you'll wish you would


{Verse 3}

Now that your with me girl you can't turn back
The goodness inside of you has just turned black
Don't like that? Too late now
There's no way out girl, no not now
I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen
The darkness inside of me is now on a mission
To totally consume you
It'll never be through
Until you want to die
Which will be soon
When you're finally consumed
When the soul inside of you's
As dark as a no window room
With no light And no view
The darkness is so thick that that you can't see through
No matter how hard you try
It'll always beat you
Just when you think it's over
It starts again
It will never be over
You will never win
Cause happiness is gone
Never to return
Maybe since it's happened to you, now you have learned


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