Bad Dudes Lyrics


I'm that ninja got the punk president

Represent the world of disturbed residents

Evidence points to a war criminal

Subliminal notes don't pull the wool

On my eyes, so my guys are ready depose

Dispose of dudes, that think they bad but, no

My flows like a Karate Kid pose

Suppose I'm beat, see the feet, get a kick to the nose

Got a crew in blue, gonna break ya bones

And my man Karnov set alight ya clothes

Take ya soda bitch, I got a hundred clones

That gonna slash you in a flash and bash ya dome

f**k you muscle bound dumb f**ks

We got makabishi, smack you silly, f**k the nunchuks

You on a mission but you sittin like some dumb ducks

Gotcha man and ya plan is comin unstuck

Cut ya prez with a samurai sword

Don't give a f**k, Bush, Reagan or Ford

Unleash my hordes of warrior lords

Hear the BANZAI as I hit record

Rampant ninja related crimes

With rampant ninja aided rhymes

I got attack dogs that will beat you back

Feed the pack your testes for a snack

You try to jump, punch, duck and kick

But your quickest moves ain't quick enough to hit

So quit motherf**ker you ain't legit

Just an Anglo see spangled stars and shit

Don't trip confuse who's the good guys

President's a punk and the motherf**ker should die

Save your skin and don't make us murder ya

Sure it worth it for a burger, huh


Savin the President...BAD DUDES

Flying spinning kicks...WE BAD DUDES

Swingin nunchucks...WE BAD DUDES

Blade and Striker...BAD DUDES

Drinkin the pop...BAD DUDES

Using power punches...WE BAD DUDES

Stabbing with daggers...BAD DUDES

Blade and Striker...BAD DUDES


Black wifebeater & cargo pants

On top of a semi, tryin to advance

Chargin up and releasing my power

Pickin up nunchucks and I'll devour

Multiple cans of pop I see

Since the President has become an abductee

Slicing with daggers, you talkin to me?

Colorful ninjas become RIP

Striker's the name and I'm highly acclaimed

This isn't a game, but all one in the same

Blade got my back when they start to attack

Took care of Karnov, now it's my turn to crack

Skulls in two, ninjas blue, attacking

Weapons drawn, now it's time for some action

Dodging shurikens the main attraction

Are me and Blade breaking up the faction

Not really a fan of commander-in-chief

But hey, we're getting paid so it's quite a relief

Jumping over stars so I can release

A couple power punches and they can decease

Now they're all gone all that can be seen

Is a midget, hoping on a trampoline

With sharp claws coming straight at me

Oh shit...I'm fighting Wolverine?

Not getting off the truck, I'll keep charging up

Hitting him in the face till he gets stuck

A couple of minutes my mission is through

He's laying on the ground, didn't even have a clue

It's off to the sewer we're almost there

Replicating ninjas but I don't care

Sonic boom punches got em laying everywhere

So never fear...the Bad Dudes are here


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Record Label(s): 2013 8 Bit Boys

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