I Don't Know Lyrics

I Don't Know Babe
(Lil Coccsta)
Oo Oo Ohh Oo
(Chekk It)
Ooo Ooo Oo
(Ladee Preciouz)
I Dun Know Babe Eh Yeah Eh Yea Oh Oowhoa
Babe I Dun Know Whyy

[Lil Coccsta:]
Am Livin My Life In Hell
Livin My Life In Missery
Cause All The Thing You Causes Now It Conjade On Me
Yea The Hunt That You Can Move On
Find Some One Better Than Me
Some One Who Has The Right To See
To Love You Better Than Me
And You Don't Have To Worry Bout Me Cause I Will Move On
And I Will Stay Strong
Cause All The Pain Inside It Will Not Sosy
But It Don't Matter Now
That You're Gone
Baby You're Gone
And Am All Alone
You Left Me Alone
But Tell Me This Gurl
Why Did You Let Me Go
I Don't Understand Girl
I Need To Know
My Heart Is Broken Into Two
All Because Of You Boo
And Baby You Don't Know What Am Going Throught
So Baby Tell Me This
Why Did You Have To Let Meh Go
I Gottah Know

[Chorus: Lady Preciouz]
I Dun Know Baby
Why I Left You In Misery
Never Thought That A Girl Like Me
Could Ever Put You Down
Ooooo No Oooo No
Could Never Forgive My Self
And Its Over Over....
Why Did I Leave You

[Ladee Preciouz:]
Baby I Dun Needa Know Why
This Stoopid Act
But I Decided To Go By
I Know That I Make The Wrong Move
And I Hurt You Its Tru
And Now You're Moving On
Being Stuck On Me Its No Use
Baby Boy You're To Much Of A Homie To Me
The One To Special To End
Look At The Possibilyty
If We Was Together
It Could Mess It Up Forever
As I Let You Go
Don't Have It In You
And Regret It Nuh Uh Never
Cause Am Just Not Worth The Pain
And Missery That Agging Me
Should Be Wit Me
So Please Just Let It Be
Am Soory That I Maker You Feel This Way
(Am So Sorry)Baby Am Sorry That I Just Gave My And Threw It All Away
(Am Sorry Baby Am Sorry Ooh Oo)
Baby I Left You All Alone
Baby I Don't Know Why I Left You So
I Don't Know Baby Why I Left You In Misery
Never Thought That A Girl Like Me Can Put You Down Ohh Oowhoa Ohh Whoa
Could Never Forgive My Self And Now Its Over Over....
Why Did I Leave You

Girl I Know Is Time
That This Love Could Never Lasted
Now That You're Gone Baby My World Has Compress
You Got Me Askin How Exactly Did This Happen
Now Tell Me This Is This The Way I Was Saggin
And I Know You Be Nagging
But I Did All I Can
And If You Need More Attention
You Should Have Told Me Am Lackin
And Every Time We Go Wak
Lets Just Some How Am Haven
Some Time I Left Behind Me I Could Hear The Door Slammin
Every Time That You're Mad
You Probably Think That I Treated You Bad
But Please Understand
I Could'nt Stand Seeing You Like That
Am Outtah Brovery Ganging
From Mostly Holla Ur Hain
Cause I Know I Was Loosing You
But I Could Still Manige
Now Its Time To Move On And Let The Past Be The Past
But I Still Don't Know Why You Never Answer Baby Girl
I Don't Understand You Had To
But Without Me I Hope You Live In Happyly Ever After

[Lady Preciouz:]
Baby I Don't Know Why
But I Know To My Self I Was Lying
Hurt Most Of
Sitting By My Self Crying
All Alone Cause I Let You Go
The Reason Baby Don't Know
I Don't Know Whoa Oooh
I Don't Know Baby
Why I Left You In Missery
Never Thought Hat A Girl Like Me
Can Ever Put You Down Ooo No Ooo No
Could Never Forgive Myself And Its Over Over
Why Did I Leave You

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