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Wasteland Lyrics

Change my attempt good intentions

Crouched over, you were not there living in fear
But signs were not really that scarce, obvious tears
But I will not hide you through this, I want you to help
And please see the bleeding heart perched on my shirt

Die, withdraw, hide in cold sweat, quivering lips
Ignore, remorse, naming a kid, living Wasteland
This time you've tried all that you can it's turning you red

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I? Could I?
Here we are with your obsession
Should I? Could I?

Crowned hopeless, the article read "Living Wasteland"
This time you've tried, all that you can, it's turning you red
But I will not hide you through this, I want you to help me

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I? Could I?
Here we are with your obsession
Should I? Could I?

Heave the silver, hollow the sliver, piercing through another victim
Turn and tremble, be judgmental, ignorant to all the symbols
Blind the face with beauty paste, eventually you'll one day know

Change my attempt good intentions
Limbs tied, skin tight
Self-inflicted his perdition
Should I? Could I?

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I? Could I?
Should I? Could I?

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Songwriter(s): Brian Vodinh, Ryan Cosby, Lewis Cosby, RYAN JOHNSON, JESSE HASEK, MATT WANTLAND, BRIAN VODINH
Record Label(s): 2005 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc
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Meaning to "Wasteland" song lyrics (14 meanings)
frank May 15, 2012-10:23

the meaning of this song is to be taken however you mean it to be. It makes it easier to relate to because your free to interpret it however you want. I think it means we should help the hopeless
Derpolus December 6, 2013-10:04

......well I.....hmmm...it's sound if though someone is dealing with something, there own obsession...or whatever...but in the midst of that they are with someone, trying to help them with whatever they are dealing with...or something...but all they are doing is hoping to find an answer to whatever problem they are dealing with by helping someone else.......or...yeah...whatever.....nine time out if ten anyone who reads this will say this kids an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about....so....yeah
abby June 26, 2012-7:46

Ive never been an addict but my bestfriend is and i see the battles and struggles he faces DAILY...addiction is very much a constant war and you are its victim!
kolin0919 March 20, 2012-9:14

ummm jay6 this song is about withdraw i guess u never did drugs and the hallow sliver is a needle you are totally wrong. This song hit home thanks 10 years
jay6 March 8, 2012-2:28

this song is about war and how we are oblivious to the suffering of others. Hallow silver meaning bullets and war. The article being how short our attention spans are when it comes to world events.
Shade February 17, 2012-16:22

I agree that this song is about addiction. I believe it refers to the hopelessness, withdrawl, and not knowing what to do unless u end up destroying what you have struggled to rebuild.I LOVE this song
Courtney October 5, 2011-23:14

best song in the world loved seeing them live! got huge hugs from all was in front row! got there guitar picks all signed!
Bea September 4, 2011-19:41

Its about drug use. I think written in honor of his actor cousin Brad Renfro who died of an overdose.
Hannah July 10, 2011-20:30

I really like the song. And i can tell its deep, but i just wonder what all of it was meant to convey, exactly.
Joe M. addict April 3, 2011-17:34

The first time I heard this song was during art therapy in rehab, it illustrates the hopelessness of addiction, the pain of withdrawl, and fear of change perfectly...should I? Could I?
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