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Alive Lyrics

Son, she said, have I got a little story for you
What you thought was your daddy was nothin' but a
While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen
Your real daddy was dyin'
Sorry you didn't see him
But I'm glad we talked

Oh, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, oh

Oh, she walks slowly, across a young man's room
She said I'm ready for you
I can't remember anything to this very day
'Cept the look, the look
Oh, you know where
Now, I can't see, I just stare

I, I'm still alive
Hey, I, but, I'm still alive
Hey, I, boy, I'm still alive
Hey, I, I, I'm still alive, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Is something wrong? she said
Well, of course, there is
You're still alive, she said
Oh, and do I deserve to be?
Is that the question?
And if so, if so, who answers? who answers?

I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, oh, I'm still alive
Hey, I, but, I'm still alive
Yeah, I, oh, I'm still alive
Yeah, I'm still alive
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, uh-huh
Yeah, uh-huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Stone Gossard, Eddie Vedder, Stone C. Gossard
Copyright: Polygram Int. Publishing Inc., Pri Music Inc., Write Treatage Music, Innocent Bystander
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jan 06/14/11,09:28

Hey nervanalives,you need to quote from a man who killed himself?Find ur own opinion. ur 2 shallow to get pj words.PJ's words r real life, emotional, most anyone can relate 2 lots of songs. PJ r poets
TeaseKayz 12/13/09,08:31

tim is a bi tch. yea you tron bc cleatus told me that lizbagz is gonna meet up with skat and mooomoo, thats what he calls her, to release the demons by exercising their lungs....if byron wins ill flip
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