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Don't Walk Away Lyrics

Don't Walk Away
See I just can't find the right thing to say
I tried but all my pain gets in the way
Tell me what I have to do so you'll stay
Should I get down on my knees and pray

And how can I stop losing you
How can I begin to say
When there's nothing left to do but walk away

I close my eyes
Just to try and see you smile one more time
But it's been so long now all I do is cry
Can't we find some love to take this away
‘Cause the pain gets stronger every day

How can I begin again
How am I to understand
When there's nothing left to do but walk away

See now why
All my dreams been broken
I don't know where we're going
Everything we said and all we done now
Don't let go, I don't wanna walk away
Now why
All my dreams been broken
Don't know where we're going
Everything begins to set us free
Can't you see, I don't wanna walk away

If you go, I won't forget you girl
Can't you see that you will always be
Even though I had to let you go
There' nothing left to do
Don't Walk Away

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Songwriter(s): Reed Vertelney, Michael Jackson, Richard Stites, Reed Philip Vertelney, Chris Jackson, Teddy Riley
Copyright: Reach Global Inc., Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Vertelney Music, Velvet Soul Music, Chrysalis Songs, Universal Music - Z Melodies, Mijac Music, Detabob Music, Reed Vertelney Music
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Teacha Knowles 05/01/11,11:12

When I first heard this song I fell in love with it. I was a Michael Jackson fan from the first time I ever heard him sing (years ago). I always wanted to meet him . I Still Love You Michael Jackson!!
rose 08/24/09,05:40

mandy this man puts his love tears his happy times and sad in every one of his songs child that u must be he all so feed pd 4 hosp all over the world did u can u he did nothing but love and help rip
meme 08/23/09,00:10

many mandy wat ever ur name is dont talk about him n im pretty sure he doesnt like u either well see hes a nie person so he wont say that but he is a very sweet person so dont talk about that way r.i.
Michaela 08/01/09,15:20

It's my favourite song.I keep coming back again and again to these lyrics and everytime I feel like i can't breathe.This is how much hurts that you are no longer here with me Michael.What should I do?
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