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Cheater Lyrics

You know I work to hard for this kinda play, (ho!)
I wrote a letter, for the getto of the CIA, (ho!)
I don't care a jack, or about what cha' do, (ho!)
Just put ya dime on the line baby, cos i own you, (ho!)

Somebody said, give up instead on how you feel, (ah-uh)
One blow to the head is all you need
(I aint takin it..ya,)
Cheater (oooooh!, Do it!, What!, (Ya Got) Do it!, What! (Get back on me...))

Now you better go and get yourself some attitude!
I know ya name and the game is "I own you" (ho!)
Ya, tellin' me that ya comin to a compramise (ho!)
Ya smilin at me while, ya stealin right before my eyes (Daggone it (ho!))

Somebody said, give up instead on how ya feel, (ah-uh)
One blow to the head is all ya need,
(I aint takin it, ya...)
Cheater (ooooooooooh! Do it!, What, Do it!, What!, Get back on me...)

I hurt my backbone baby,
I start to give it up,
Life is an aggrovator,
Sumtimes I part it up,
I broke my radiator,
I'm indestructible,
I pray to leave my body,
Don't you ever call!

I dont care a jack, or about what you do (ho!)
Just sign your name on the line baby, I own you (Daggone it)
(You are a...)
Cheater (oooo0000ooh!, Give it to me, What!, What!, get jack on me...)

Somebody said, give up instead on how you feel, (aah-uh)
One blow to the head is all you need,
(I aint takin' it..!)
Cheater... (ooohh) Daggone it, Got-Give Give it to me, (cheatin baby)
(You are a..) Cheater...

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Songwriter(s): Michael Jackson, Gregory Phillinganes, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Joe Jackson
Copyright: King Arthur Music, Mijac Music
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MJgonebutnotforgot 06/25/11,08:43

2 years today! We still miss him. Never be another MJ. Always loved, never replaceable. Miss u Michael! R.I.P!
zainab galadima 08/14/10,20:03

OMG!! Michael the lyrics are awsome! Lyk was diana tryin 2 seduce you and u fell 4 it!? well ur voice goes damn well with the electric guitar. keep rockin!!!! LOVE U AND ALWAYS WILL!!!
angel 01/10/10,02:29

dang that go hard i love this song so glad i found the lyrics imma be singin this song all the time now lol miss ya mj
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