I Just Had Sex Lyrics (feat. Akon)

Sometimes [Ohhhh]
Something beautiful happens in this world (Akon...)
You don’t know how to express yourself so.. (The Lonely
You just gotta sing..

I just had sex! And it felt so good! (felt it so good)
A woman let me put my penis inside her!
I just had sex, and i’ll never go back..(never go back)
to the not-havin’-sex ways of the past

(The Lonely Island)
Have you ever had sex? I have - it felt great!
It felt so good when i did it with my penis
A girl let me do it, it literally just happened..
Havin’ sex can make a nice man out the meanest!

Never guess where I just came from - I had sex!
If I had to describe the feeling: it was the best!
When I had the sex man my penis felt great!
And I called my parents right after I was done

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Guess what I just did?
Had sex, undressed- saw her boobies and the rest

Was sure nice of her to let you do that thing
Nice of any girl ever- now sing!

I just had sex! And it felt so good! (felt so good)
A woman let me put my penis inside her!
I wanna tell the world!

To be honest I’m surprised she even wanted me to do it
Doesn’t really make sense, but man screw it!
I ain’t one to argue with a good thing
She could be my wife- (that good?)
The best 30 seconds of my life!
I’m so humbled by a girl’s ability to let me do her
‘Cuz honestly I’d have sex with a pile of manure
With that in mind, the soft, nice smellin’ girl’s
‘Cuz she let me wear my chain and my turtle neck

So this one’s dedicated to them girls
That let us flop around on top of them!
If you’re near or far whether short or tall
we wanna thank you all for lettin’ us fuck you all!

(The Lonely Island and Akon)
She kept lookin’ at her watch-
(Doesn’t matter, I had sex!)
But I cried the whole time-
(Doesn’t matter, I had sex!)
I think she might of been a racist-
(Doesn’t matter, I had sex!)
She put a bag on my head-
(Still counts)

I just had sex! And my dreams came true- (dreams came
So if you had sex in the last 30 minutes then you’re
qualified to sing with me!
I just had sex! [everybody sings]
And it felt so good! (felt it so good)
A woman let me put my penis inside her! ( I wanna tell
the world)
I just had sex, and I'll never go back..[never go back]
to the not-havin’-sex ways of the past.


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Songwriter(s): Jerrod Bettis, Andrew Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Justin Franks, Akiva Schaffer
Copyright: Boner Tek, Artist Publishing Group West, Snuglar Entertainment, J Franks Publishing, Shebar Music, Patriot Games Publishing
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Samuel Black 04/05/12,09:57

It's a reality song indeed although it's publised unlike sex. I was shocked of something nasty like that to be sang.
kairee deuffe 02/02/12,08:43

ohhhh! very great! i so love it! my boyfriend and i kept on listening to this song whenever we bang each other! and its our favorite song! good job,guys!!!
michael 04/17/11,23:06

im a country boy but for some reason my girl had the rap station on and well this song came on while we were having sex now this is her favorite song
NURSE SWEETPEA 03/23/11,12:59

havent listened to it yet,but,boy what were you thinking when you put this down? it is great.am going to look for it
Solo-T 03/19/11,07:26

Haven't actually gotten to hear the song yet, but just read the lyrics and Damn their great, incredibly politically correct while being completely politically incorrect so I love it. Freakin great
♥Hot Party Girl♥ 02/20/11,18:53

Wow...is pretty much all I can say..ha i will know the feeling of sexx when im older than 16 hah cha!Anyone wanna chat?I come 2 this site like everyday!And another comment site it lets u comment alot!
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