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J-bieber Rap Lyrics

J - Bieber Rap

ahh, lets do this, this is funky
yeah, ready?, lets go, uhh
atl baby, is where i resign
im a young white rapper
and i don't get high
teenage girls, is what i really like
and im still a young boy
but im still so fly

uhh, lets go, yahh
you see my smile
caught it on the cam-er-a
drink a redbull grew wings
see the stamina
shoutout to my boys yeah
they up there in canada
i used to live there till i moved to atlanta
where the girls are so hot,
here the girls are fine, whoo
catching bieber fever
forget the swine fluuu, haha

uh, yeah, so umm, uh uh, ready?
can i be the one
to take you round town
be the one to call
when your feelin so down
i could be your man
and you could be my crown
uh, yeah

im j-bieber
first name last name
check it on the past line
im j-bieber
im always in the fast lane
yah, uhh, tim westwood
im just a pop singer!

these lyrics are submitted by christie cook
these lyrics are last corrected by Blizzard 10

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Meaning to "J-bieber Rap" (24 meanings)
Blizzard 12 12/21/11,02:53

Skillet& r read this!Its soon going to be x-mas and their r 2 santa The first 1 is santa the second is JB Scrath your head 3 times and post this 3 times there will be a phone under the tree left by JB
skillet& red 12/05/11,00:30

Demon hunter smells like vomit!!NO I am wrong!Demon hunter stink like vomit!demon hunter is sick!They are also sick in their f@c.kin evil minds!demon hunter makes me barf!LISTEN TO JUSTIN BIEBER NOW!!
Blizzard 11 12/03/11,23:17

Shut up and damn up and grow up now fake Bliz.11!!!!F.uck you demon lesbian devil b!tch!!I like JB and Alyssa Reid alot!!Skillet & red,I guess you are cool!!So f.uck up you w.hore Bliz.11!!Go Justin!
skillet & red 12/02/11,00:36

I never said any of that fake skilet and red!!I hate demon hunter!!look on demon hunter the world is at thorn their are 4 comments I am all of them you are none of them BI.TCH!!sO shut up fakeo s &red
Blizzard 11 11/30/11,19:35

I also changed!Bliz.10 and s&r like jb now!Well I hate jb!His music is f.u.c.@in s.h.it!I love demon hunter and the band red and skillet!!I also hate alyssa reid!!She is a witch!!JUstin B I hate you!
skillet & red 11/27/11,21:57

Its real s & red!Shut up you fake skillet & red your damn!I love Justin!Look on demon hunter on elyrics the world is a thorn there are four posts!I am all of them!i used to like demon hntr not anymore
Blizzard 11 11/26/11,02:16

Its bliz.11 s&r and bliz.10 i also changed.I hate Justin Bieber now!!His music is f.u.c.@in s.h.it!!I love demon hunter now!I am sorry to sk& red!I was a b!tch! so sory.I hate alyssa reid she is witch
skillet & red 11/25/11,00:04

i am the real s & red!I am like Bliz.10 now!I am so sory Bliz.11!I love jb!I a big fan jb!!I thought jb was nasty and yuck.But now I think he is great!I hate demon hunter now!!Demon hunter is s.h?it
Blizzard 10 11/23/11,23:53

Shut up fake Bliz.10.I have been here longer than u.Bliz.11 I am sorry.I like Justin bieber now!I think he is the best!!but I do not like avril lavigne she is awful!That fakeo Bl.10 i am no fake u are
Blizzard 10 11/21/11,09:05

Haha,that's what you say fakeo,I'm real and I still hate jb,I also hate you,you little bastar.d!Quit stealing my name you stupid damn person,I'm damn sick of it you shi.t bi.tch!Damn up,NOOOWWWWW!!!!!
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