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Set A Place At Your Table Lyrics

Things seemed strange this morning
As I packed my bag for school
The smiles I'm used to seeing just weren't there
I heard my father talking
To my mother down the hallway
Above the whispers all that I could hear... was

Set a place at the table for someone who might need it
Set a place at the table for someone to sit down and eat
Kick their shoes off, put their feet up
Forget about their troubles for awhile
There's a place at your table
There's a little hope for you and i
i was feeling kinda helpless
About the words that I just heard
Could it be the family 2 doors down?
They said a couple months of bad luck
Had them up against the wall
And though it may seem small
i know there's something i can do


Make room at your table for your friends and family
Take the time to share your day and just laugh talk and eat


.there's a little hope for you and I

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janet 07/07/11,16:39

i love this song and still,justin is not gay.trying to prove hes gay isnt easy fk jbs.i just saw a video called Proof thatJUSTIN BIEBER is GAY.and that justin bieber was fk.they r so stupid to do that
Justin Bieber 01/22/11,15:29

Hi Fans,Just to let you know Im gayy,Im not into girls that way.I didnt tell the media yet but Guess what,I found the one,His name is Anthony and I really like him.He is perfect for me!Well Bye Girls!
MissussBieber !! 12/13/10,05:38

Justin Bieber Is Like So Ammazinglie Amazinnee I Lovee Himm Soo Muchh Heess Soo Talanted Hess The Bestt Hess 16 Yearss Of Fittness Thiss Songg Iss Soo Sadd Buhh I Love Itt Anii Howw. I LOVE JUSTIN !!!
I love twilight 06/13/10,00:37

I HATE Justin Beiber's music. His music is stinchy and his face makes me wanna puke on it but it looks like someone already did. If ur readin this JB then, heres some news, YOU SUCK. Ur triple x 10 ew
micayla 11/30/09,16:30

this is a beautiful song it reminds me of the true meaning of life justin deserves his fame with his parents getting divorced,him being poor, and his girlfriends horrible boat accident. u rock i lov u
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