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Tupelo Mississippi Flash Lyrics

I? m gonna tell you a story that? s all about
This job I had one time as a talent scout

I had a hard day at the office and the boss wasn? t in town
The day this hired legged guitar picker just happened to come around
Well, he walks into my office with a great big grin
And folks that? s where my story really begins

He said,? Son my name is Boregard Rippy
I come to you from Tupelo Mississippi
I write songs that? ll sing like a bird
I play licks on my guitar like you ain? t never heard"

"But I? m down on my luck, things are just a little slack
I gotta quarter in my pocket and a shirt on my back
But you buy me some supper, give me a place I can sleep"
He said,? I? ll sing you some songs
That? ll knock your head to creak, I got talent boy"
Said, "Back home they call me the Tupelo Mississippi Flash"

Well, I knew I was in a room with some kind of a nut
When he pulled out that pack of used cigarette butts
So that? s when I told him,? We can? t use you today?
So I handed the boy a dollar and I sent him on his way

Well, the boss got back and we both had a laugh
When I told him? bout the Tupelo Mississippi Flash
And pretty soon I had the story circlin' around
About this Mississippi nut that we had in our town

I said,? Watch him everybody, the boy? s squirrely
He walks around callin' himself the Tupelo Mississippi Flash?

Well, and it happened one day while I was drivin' to my home
I just happened to have my car radio on
When I heard the jockey ravin' about a brand new smash
By a kid called the Tupelo Mississippi Flash

Well, I almost wrecked my automobile
I went through a red light, I hit the traffic cop, why

Well, my story? s got an ending and it? s short and sweet
The boss man he fired me and left me out in the street
But I got a new job now and I? m learnin? real fast
I? m drivin? the bus for the Tupelo Mississippi Flash

And his Cadillac, I? m driving that for him too
And that yacht he? s got, and his aeroplane
Well, chauffeur, so good, I always say
Tupelo Mississippi, who ever heard of it, why

I'll kill the boy
Help him somebody

Songwriter(s): Jerry Reed Hubbard
Copyright: Vector Music Corp.
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