When I'm President Lyrics

Mother I,m a stranger in a strange land
I feel like an alien
Like I'm on the outside looking in
I don't seem to fit in

Maybe I'm Aladdin with a rusty lamp
A Genie never stood a chance
To make all my wishes come true
But here’s what I want to do

I'm gonna lean on the 1%
When I'm President
I want a 20th Amendment
When I'm President

They're like thieves on a Holy Host
Digging up the mother lode
Like Pirates on the open sea
Like highway robbery

Still whining about your bonus
Man up, you’re ridiculous
Hell you can't take it with ya
So, give a little extra

I'm gonna lean on the 1%
When I’m President
No more bargains - in the basement
When I'm President

Washington - Jefferson
Watch out baby cause here I come
Abraham - Theodore
You know you'll see my ugly mug
You go in with the right intent
When you become President
You hold those truths to be self-evident
When you become president

Cause somethin’ happens to you up on the hill
It's business as usual
How do you want to buck the system?
Welcome to the Pit and the Pendulum

I'm gonna lean on the 1%
When I'm President
No more 20th amendment
When I'm President

No more bargains in the basement
When I'm President
Everything's gonna be different
When I'm President

Veto this YEAH
Veto that YEAH
When I'm President
I'll stick it to the first class

Cross my heart
Hope to die
When I'm President
Pigs are gonna fly

Look at ‘em...

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Songwriter(s): Ian Petterson Hunter
Copyright: Jesse John Music
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Meaning to "When I'm President" song text (3 meanings)
f-you f-you Ian Hunter 2 12/08/12,18:32

Report back when you're 50 years old and nowhere in sight of the 1%. Young conservatives are so delusional. Ian Hunter, 71 years old BTW.
Union Jack 06/10/14,15:37

Is any American even an American?
'Cept for those with an indigenous background, every last one of 'em is an "All American Alien Boy" (...or Girl for that matter.)
Yeah, I'd vote Ian for president: wise enough at 31 when that came out.
It'll likely be a few more generations until any of us see a fully democratic process in our so-called western models. Until then your chances are probably less than 1% of joining the rich and powerful elite.
About time kids studied Tom Paine (who?) in school and stopped learning to be slaves to the financial system.
F-you Ian Hunter 10/01/12,17:20

Is Ian Hunter even an American? He was born in England. I don't need him interpreting our constitution. I'm an American and we don't need to lean on our 1% - we want to be the 1% - and we all have an equal chance at it.
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