Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken
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My Heart Is Broken Lyrics

I will wander until the end of time
Torn away from you

I pulled away to face the pain
I close my eyes and drift away
Over the fear
That I will never find a way
to heal my soul
And I will wander until the end of time
Torn away from you

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us from sorrow's hold
Over my heart

I can't go on living this way
I can't go back the way I came
Chained to this fear
That I will never find the way
to heal my soul
And I will wander until the end of the time

Half alive without you

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us
Open your eyes to the light
I denied it all so long
Oh so long
Say goodbye, goodbye

My heart is broken
Release me, I can't hold on
Deliver us

My heart is broken
Sweet dreams my dark angel
Deliver us

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us from sorrow's hold

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Songwriter(s): Zach Williams, Terry Balsamo, Timothy Todd Mccord, amy lee
Copyright: Zsw Publishing, Sweet T 666 Music, Bughouse, Garbage Jones Music, Professor Screweye Publishing
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Meaning to "My Heart Is Broken" song text (39 meanings)
Amun 12/16/12,21:26

It's like she's asking for deliverance from the hold of evil by jesus for denying she sings for him in order to be praised (at least subliminally) ,either way best song with meaning ...ever sadly written(notice the perfect english text ).
Melody_n_juan 11/16/12,04:14

She never fails to amaze her listeners she always touches my heart love you amy lee your messages speak loud
Corey 10/06/12,07:59

Amy stated that this song is written about victims of human trafficking. One of her friends works with them.
Psychninja 09/11/12,14:14

LOL @ the devilworship!!! many consider the dark angel as the angel of death but its nice that insitead of thinking to call upon death in a time of turmoil YOU would think to call on the devil. Your reply in a meaning of this song is a reflection of a twisted opinion LOL but good try preytheweak!
Denisha 09/09/12,06:45

@preytheweak, clearly you're insane. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it automatically falls under the devil worship category. This song is beautiful, the lyrics, music and vocals all. With a username like preytheweak I wouldn't be surprised if YOU were the devil worshipper
preytheweak 09/08/12,08:04

theres no hidden meaning to this song. It is evil she is calling for. Its craptastic song. I mean wow she calling on the DARK ANGEL to deliver her soul. Please. This is no love song people. Its amazing there first album was the best singing about God sold 10 time the cds as this crap. I wonder why?
Hello Person 08/06/12,19:44

The piano in this song is abosoloutly AMAZING. It's fast, and makes you get a feeling deep inside. Trust me, get this song and LISTEN TO IT! You will be amazed.
Emo girl*emo heart and soul* 08/03/12,11:34

This song touched my soul I go to sleep listinung to it its auch a beautiful and sad song about love and loss my heart is really brojen and this song is how I explain my feelings
brisilda 08/02/12,09:34

when i listen this song for the first time something inside me was making me understand that true love really hurts.....now my heart is broken but thanks evanescence for this song.....
Hidden Psycho 08/02/12,05:11

I see this song as a struggle to scape from our fears that harm us, to escape from ourselves and the bad we cause to us. We break our hearts with our choices and this is shown here!
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