Crew Love Lyrics (ft. The Weeknd)

[the weeknd]
listen, listen, woah, listen, ooooh
take your nose off my keyboard
what you bothering me for?
there's a room full of niggas!
what you following me for?
this ain't no f-ckin sing-along
so girl, what you singing for?
it's cause we blowing like a c4
got my whole crew blowin like a c4?
20, keep the bar rolling
fake id's and the trash we going straight to the top
rooftop close with a handful of girls and they all so foreign
rain so poisoned, rainbows blowing
light skinned chick first flight from poland
a whole lot of friends first flight from poland
a whole lot of girls first flight from poland[hook]
why? cause they loving the crew, they loving the crew
they loving the crew
oh, they loving the crew
oh, they loving the crew
they loving the crew
they loving the crew
smoking weed on the star projectors
i guess we'll never know what harvard gets us
but seeing my family have it all
took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall
and really, i think i like who i'm becoming
there's times where i might just do it just to do it
like it's nothing
there's times when i might blow 50k on a vacation
for all my souljas just to see the looks on all they faces
all it took was patience
i got a lot of friends to come up off the strip for me
the same ones that'll come up off the hip for me
the realest niggas say your lyrics do shit for me
i told my story, it made history
tell em i need reservations for 20
i've never really been one for the preservation of money
nah, much rather spend it all while i'm breathing
that ovo and xo is everything that you believe in
Why cuz they loving the crew
Oh, they loving the crew
Oh,they loving the crew
They loving the crew
Oooh, they loving the crew
They loving the crew
They loving the crew
They loving the crew, ooooh
Cuz we blowin like a c4
My whole crew blowin like a c4
If we broadcast swag
Nigga we the news in the city

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Songwriter(s): Aubrey Graham, Abel Tesfaye, Anthony Palman
Copyright: Is Love And Above, Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Songs Of Smp, Live Write LLC, Emi April Music Inc., Parma Ninja Music
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drex 12/19/12,16:30

Wow. That is one of the worst songs I ever heard. And I love every kind of music. :0 Loaded with profanity and absolutely no melody whatsoever.
MiSsNiCoLe1456 08/04/12,11:17

Dis song went hard Drake i love u and dudes nobody say P.I.M.P no more and if u do u dudes need tauh go back tauh listin tauh 50CENT wit all dat cuz u dudes lame
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