Cannon Ball Lyrics

I might fly and lose it all
I'm a cannonball
Maybe I'll walk away
Maybe I'll walk away
Set me up and light me off
I'm a cannonball
Maybe I'll walk away
Maybe I'll walk away
CANNONBALL (I'm a cannonball)

Like my big bro say I'm going in
Olympic pools of money, I'm just glad I learned to swim
Cannonball bitch, I hope your diving board sturdy
And I hope when dinner's cold my niggas do not dessert me
And these haters like damn 'em
I gave a lot of women their first ride in the Phantom
And yeah I got a deal now, and I'm secure with it
And yup my life is so exciting i get bored with it
I'm the best one out of my peers, and everybody pray I'm running out of ideas
Past my mosley's, its all so bright
And I'm the result of when it all goes right
So many pictures man the flow is a callouge
But critics have a hard time pointing out the flaws
All this slick talk I just hope I dont fall
Right out of the sky, through the roof of your garage
I'm a

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Songwriter(s): Colin Munroe
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Don'T Think Less Of My Publishing
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brandy28 01/27/10,19:17

this is the summer anthem.i listened to it so much that i knew the lyrics in two days. he's so fly too!
Babii Girl 12/16/09,13:16

omq cn yu believe that drake is the illest rapper alive ii luv hem i wanna spend mii life wit hem lolz....im on da stawker ish jk jk diis iss da illest sonq duxcez
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