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The Coolest Girl Lyrics


All my dreams
I'm chasing after,
they don't mean
all this laughter...

I take a grain of salt,
A stiff upper lip.
It's not their fault
I'm not as hip.
Wake up kid, you know you're more than this...

I'm the smartest person
that I've ever met.
So why do I allow myself to
possibly forget:

There's so much I know how to do,
so much more than all of you.
The only thing I wish I knew
was how to make them see
the girl that I can be....

I am
the coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it
but can't show it at all.

I am
sick and tired
of low, not higher
places, where I should belong...
It's about time I proved them wrong...

Give me a shot
to show what I've got!
I'm a hell of a whole lot more

than this frizzy hair,
these frumpy clothes I wear,
though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before!

'Cause I am
the coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it
below it all.

I am
done with losin',
on with choosin'

The coolest girl on the face of the planet,
The coolest bitch on Earth, goddammit!
The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard!

So you can try to break me down,
but sorry guys, I'm stickin' around!
I've thought about it, and I've found

That I am
The coolest girl!

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Meaning to "The Coolest Girl" (3 meanings)
TheEndangeredGinger 02/28/14,12:03

This song is symbolic of self-confidence and not letting other people bring you down. In this musical, Hermione is berated and teased because she is different but she realizes it doesn't matter what other people think as long as you are true to yourself.
LupinCantSing 08/27/11,01:48

OHMYGODDDD!!!! This is my one of my FAVOURITE songs from AVPS. I also like those voices, stutter, no way and The opening song (forgot the name). I AM THIS WHOLE SONG!!!!!!! I really want another one!!
A Very Potter Fan 08/20/11,18:15

OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG FROM AVPS! Pretty much everyone can relate to it, everyone has had these kind of moments. Whoever posted Totally Awesome, you are so right. Lea could definitely sing this!
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