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Sound The Alarm Lyrics

I'm your alpha, and omega, I am invincible.

Can I just say one more thing?
I'm not going to say you know there's plenty more fish in the sea
I'm not going to say if you love her let her go
and I'm not going to bombard you with cliches
but I will say this:

Its not the end of the world

these lyrics are submitted by Ryan St. Amand

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Meaning to "Sound The Alarm" (2 meanings)
Peter 09/20/12,11:36

The album is produced so that one song leads onto the other cleanly, so it can sound like on fluid piece of music, so yes the outro to 1958 fits perfectly with this, but so does 'Intro' and 'Heartless'.
Anon 09/14/12,12:38

1958 is actually about their old drummer. The last 4 digits of his number are 1958. They kinda hate him. But anyways, i do not beleive this song has anything to do with 1958, but i respect your opinion. I beleive this song is about being stronger then heartbreak, because it really isnt the end of th
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