Why Walk On Water When We've Got Boats Lyrics

Watch what you say on the stand.
You're running in circles.
I know more than you think
And your words are empty.
Of all the heavenly host's!
This will all make sense when the records gold.
What's a few more units for your soul?

You're wasting my time,
while there wasting away.
You'll never, you'll never save me.
You've dropped every line,
but they don't mean a thing.
You'll never, you'll never save me.

You live your life in the saddest way I've ever seen.
You are the reason I don't believe.

I'm not denying the worth of things unseen,
and this isn't a part of the next big thing.
I'm just dying to show them all that you are
You are nothing.

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Meaning to "Why Walk On Water When We've Got Boats" song text (3 meanings)
Chucktacular 11/17/12,18:21

It doesn't really matter what the song is about, all that matters is how you connect to it. For example, when I hear this song I think of my ex xD
Scoutaloo 05/12/12,22:50

I did some research on this. According to Jeremy McKinnon, The song is not anti-christian. It was written from his perspective of people in christian bands at that time.
dj chromatic 11/09/11,05:10

This song is about bands that claim to be Christian but still party, get drunk have sex and bad things like that... Hypocrites!!!
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