Coils Of The Serpent lyricsStay On Top lyricsThe Voice As Weapon lyricsRock Me lyricsWings Of Vengeance lyricsVictory Is Mine lyricsThe Chosen Ones lyricsSerpent's Kiss lyricsSelf Crucifixion lyricsVeni,vidi,vici lyricsThrough The Ring Of Fire lyricsThrough Blood And Fire lyricsTo Crown Them With Halos Parts 1 & 2 lyricsDevill-angel lyricsThe Burning Of Rome lyricsStill In Love With You (new Mix) lyricsChildslayer lyricsBy The Hammer Of Zeus (and The Wrecking Ball Of Thor) lyricsThe Judgment Of The Son lyricsNoble Savage lyricsDesert Plains lyricsBlood Of The Saints lyricsDefiance lyricsConjuration Of Your Watcher lyricsNever Believed Ln Good-bye lyricsVow Of Honour lyricsWild Fire Woman lyricsChildren Of The Storm lyricsA Shadow Of Fear lyricsPrometheus The Fallen One lyricsSummoning The Powers lyricsKingdom Of The Fearless (the Destruction Of Troy) lyricsObsession (it Burns For You) lyricsSex Religion Machine lyricsThe Blood Of Vengeance lyricsThe Evil In Her Eyes lyricsWe Are Eternal lyricsSilent Sorrow lyricsBlack Light On Black lyricsWhen Dusk Fell lyricsPagan Heart lyricsVirgin Steele lyricsScreaming For Vengeance lyricsBonedust lyricsThe Hidden God lyricsImmortal I Stand (the Birth Of Adam) lyricsWhen I'm Silent (the Wind Of Voices) lyricsThe Orpheus Taboo lyricsThe Redeemer lyricsMetal City lyricsLife Of Crime lyricsHell Or High Water lyricsGuardians Of The Flame lyricsGo All The Way Tonight lyricsDon't Say Goodbye (tonight) lyricsBurn The Sun lyricsIn A Dream Of Fire lyricsAmerican Girl (new Mix) lyricsThe Black Light Bacchanalia (the Age That Is To Come) lyricsGod Above God lyricsThe Tortures Of The Damned lyricsThe Ineffable Name lyricsAdorned With The Rising Cobra lyricsLiving In Sin (new Mix) lyricsWait For The Night lyricsDeath Darkly Closed Their Eyes (the Messenger's Song) lyricsDead End Kids lyricsNepenthe (i Live Tomorrow) lyricsThe Angel Of Light lyricsVisions Of Eden lyricsDrive On Thru (new Mix) lyricsSaturday Night lyricsNecropolis (he Answers Them With Death) lyricsEternal Regret lyricsThe Bread Of Wickedness lyrics
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Related Information for Virgin Steele Virgin Steele is a heavy metal band from New York, founded in 1981.They play what they call "barbaric-romantic" metal, which is very symphonic and contains many elements from classical music. Band-leader David DeFeis describes the music as "From a whisper to a scream, barbaric, romantic, bombastic, yet subtle, grandiose, yet earthy. A call, a shout, an invocation to Freedom and the continual awakening to the awareness that every moment of life is lived to its fullest potent.. read more