Unwelcome Guest lyricsThe Devil's Finger lyricsKnowing Me Knowing You lyricsMatters Of The Dark lyricsSword Of Retribution lyricsRiding The Beast lyricsIn The Shadows lyricsNew Clear Skies lyricsEthereal Soul lyricsVoices Are Calling lyricsDifferent Eyes lyricsWhere The Sun Never Shines lyricsWhere Dreams Collide lyricsWay Of History lyricsUndead lyricsTrader Of Souls lyricsAnother Way lyricsNarrow Minded lyricsAnubis lyricsCyberdome lyricsNo Mercy lyricsReason Of The Ghost lyricsLife In A Lonely Grave lyricsPower Of The Night lyricsTake On The World lyricsAfraid To Die lyricsWhen The Spirit Rules The World lyricsMother Shipton's Words lyricsClearly Insane lyricsLosing More Than You've Ever Had lyricsI Know Your Name lyricsDon't Pray For Me lyricsGates Of Babylon lyricsTime Of Silence lyricsTime Of No Sun lyricsHere After lyricsGuest Of The Inquisition lyricsGoddess Of Chaos lyricsForever Gone lyricsFading Pictures lyricsEyes So Tired lyricsEyes Of A Stranger lyricsEternal Lies lyricsCorporate Masters lyricsCircuit Vision lyricsCircle Of Souls lyricsBut Angels Shine lyricsAnother Time Around lyricsAnother Paradigm lyricsAbsent Illusion lyricsLeaving The Past Behind lyricsLord On High lyricsThe Vacant Lot lyricsThe Dragon Tide lyricsThe Dead And His Son lyricsStories Around A Tale lyricsServant Of The Bones lyricsSender Of Thoughts lyricsSave Me lyricsReflections lyricsReach For The Sky lyricsOrder Of The Seven Poles lyricsNo Wings To Burn lyricsNo Tears In The Rain lyricsMorning Sun lyricsMiracle lyricsLost In Time lyricsA Mended Rhyme lyrics
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Related Information for Tad Morose Tad Morose is a Swedish heavy metal / power metal band formed in 1991 and led by guitarist Christer 'Krunt' Andersson. Their full-length debut was Leaving the Past Behind (1993), a minor hit that established the band within the continental Europe-heavy metal community. Sender of Thoughts (1994) was even more popular within the metal community. Their latest and most successful album to date is 2003's Modus Vivendi. Though the group has never caught on in America, they have a.. read more