The Bleeding Eyes Of A Breeding Whore lyricsArise To His World Of Infamy lyricsBurn lyricsAt The Entrance To Hell's Unholy Fire lyricsThe Innocence Of The Three-faced Saviour lyricsAnd Damnation Is Forced Upon The Weak lyricsCrawling Through The Infinite Fields Of Carnage lyricsI See Nothing But Flesh lyricsAnnihilation Of All That Is Holy lyricsSee The Filth Become Flames In This Furnace lyricsYou Come To Me Through Hell lyricsFor Our Name Is Chaos Eternal lyricsWeep lyricsResurrected For Massive Torture lyricsWe Couldn't Be Further From The Truce lyricsDescend Into The Eternal Pits Of Possession lyricsIesus Nazarenus Servus Mei lyricsWe Watch In Silence As The Earth Turns To Blood lyricsThe Great Retaliation Is Upon Them lyricsThe Serpent Crowning Ritual lyricsTear Down The Walls Of Heaven lyricsConquering The Throne Of The Cadaverous lyricsA Revelation Of Desecrated Heavens lyricsI Feed You The Flesh Of Your Poisonous Christ lyricsThey Shall All Be Witnesses lyricsBring Forth Purgatory lyricsSummoning Majestic War lyricsGodslaughtering Murder Machine lyricsSymphony Of The Deceived lyricsThe Burial Of Gods lyricsShape, Memory, Murder lyricsSelf-contructive Once Again lyricsOceans Of Seemingly Endless Bleeding lyricsNine Spectrums Of Impurity lyricsIn Sickness And In Hell lyricsI Smell Like Jesus...dead lyricsHellucination lyricsHate Incarnate lyricsForsaken By The Naked Light Of Day lyricsDisciples Of The Apocalypse lyricsChristianity Delete lyricsBlessed Are We To Be Lied Upon lyricsSoul Infliction lyricsThe Divine Burning Of Angels Die!! lyricsLoveless Godless Flawless lyricsNailed lyricsOur Wrath Will Rain Down From The Sky lyricsSerenades Of Rotten Flesh lyricsThe Locust Principles lyricsEliminate lyricsDeviate lyricsCongregate lyricsDominate lyricsCan't Wait lyricsWith Desperate Hands So Numb lyricsThe Swarming Of Whores lyricsBelieving Is Bleeding lyrics
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Related Information for Project Hate MCMXCIX The Project Hate MCMXCIX started up in 1998 after years of talking between long-time friends and band leaders Lord K. Philipson (formerly God Among Insects, Leukemia, House of Usher, Lame and the editor of legendary early 90’s fanzine Hypnosia Magazine, ex-touring bassist/guitarist for bands such as Dark Funeral, Vomitory and Grave) and Jörgen Sandström (well known for his vocals in death metal legends Grave (on their first 3 classic albums), as well as handling the bass and backing v.. read more