Unearthly Kingdom lyricsSons Of Northern Darkness lyricsAll Shall Fall lyricsAntarctica lyricsDemonium lyricsTyrants lyricsWrath From Above lyricsAgainst The Tide (in The Arctic World) lyricsMeet Your Last Tomorrow lyricsYears Of Silent Sorrow lyricsWithstand The Fall Of Time lyricsWinter Of The Ages lyricsWhere Dark And Light Don't Differ lyricsUnsilent Storms In The North Abyss lyricsUnholy Forces Of Evil lyricsTragedies Blows At Horizon lyricsThe Darkness That Embrace Me lyricsSub-zero (chinese Ninja Warrior) lyricsMount North lyricsNorden On Fire lyricsHordes Of War lyricsThe Rise Of Darkness lyricsArctic Swarm lyricsTriumph lyricsMy Dimension lyricsBeyond The North Waves lyricsIn Our Mystic Visions Blest lyricsTechno Syndrome (mortal Kombat) lyricsOne By One lyricsKano (use Your Might) lyricsDamned In Black lyricsIn My Kingdom Cold lyricsWithin The Dark Mind lyricsThrough The Halls Of Eternity lyricsThroned By Blackstorms lyricsDescent Into Eminent Silence lyricsCursed Realm Of The Winterdemons lyricsCryptic Winterstorms lyricsCold Winds Of Funeral Dust lyricsCircling Above In Time Before Time lyricsBlizzard Beasts lyricsBlashyrkh (mighty Ravendark) lyricsBlacken Than Darkness lyricsBattles In The North lyricsBattlefields lyricsAt The Stormy Gates Of Mist lyricsAt The Heart Of Winter lyricsAs The Eternity Opens lyricsA Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride lyricsA Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland lyricsEternal Years On The Path To The Cemetary Gates lyricsFrostdemonstorm lyricsThis Blue Day lyricsThe Tongue Of Pain lyricsThe Sun No Longer Rises lyricsThe Call Of The Wintermoon lyricsSuns That Sank Below lyricsStorming Through Red Clouds And Holocaust Winds lyricsSolarfall lyricsSnowdancing lyricsPure Holocaust lyricsNoctambulant lyricsNebular Ravens Winter lyricsMountains Of Might lyricsMoonrise Fields Of Sorrow lyricsGrim And Frostbitten Kingdoms lyricsFrozen By Icewinds lyricsA Devouring Rose lyrics
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Related Information for Immortal Immortal is a prominent black metal band from Bergen, Norway. The group began in 1989 as "Amputation", a death metal band. Immortal's early full-length releases were of a traditional, yet complex black metal style, but their acclaimed album At the Heart of Winter saw the band begin to experiment with a fusion of black metal and German thrash. The resulting sound was a style which characterized Immortal's later works. Immortal has been influential t.. read more