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Apology For PathologyDeranged For LoathsomeDeformed (grave)The Forensic RequiemsVirulent Mass NecropsyIn The Name Of SanityMangled Surgical Epitaph0 Morgue Sweet HomeHypochondriacSublime Anatomy Of RevengeOozing Molten GristlePernicious Dyseptic InoculationFuneral CarnageExpectorating Pulmonary Mucu-purulenceSlaved To DismemberGrotesque EmbryopathologyMortuary RiotVia Anal IntrospectionNekromantik (prelude) - Uncontrollable Proliferation Of NeoplasmEdible NecrectomyOpen Heart ButcheryYou're Not A PathologistFlesh-devouring PandemiaFrenzied Genital CarbonizationSurgical ExtravaganzaTraumaggedonHospital ThievesChainsaw Necrotomy911 (emergency Slaughter)Amputation ProtocolAntemortem ThanatopraxisResuscitation ManoeuvresGangrenous Prosthetic ImplantsSyndicate Of SicknessExcruciating Denervation Of The Lumbar SpineSplatter NurseNecronatologyExcavating The Iliac FossaMidnight MorticianExhuming ImpulseIncinerator Of Cadaveric LeftoversIn Nephritic BlueI'm A PathologistFragments (anatomical Relics)FormaldehydeFar Beyond The Forensic PathologyExquisite EschatologyEnshrouded In PutrilageEctopic EyeDying On A Mass Of Chyme And Rancid ExcrementDissect, Exhume, Devour...Decom-posersDawn In The Rotting ParadiseCirrhoetic Liver DistillationCartilageous Pulped OffalsAftertaste Of PutrefactionNecrotic GarbagePutrescent NecromorphismPutritoriumObnoxious (surgeon Of The Dead)Dilacerate The Sweet Diabetic DiabolismFoetal MincerFermented Post-mortem DisgorgementUnlock The MorgueDecrepit DejectionPsychotic DeliriumCadaveric MetamorphoseAnatomizedWorminfested CavitiesWitness Of Postmortem ViolenceTreasures Of AnatomyTorrent Like EventerationSurgery For The DeadSet The Morgue On FireRectovaginal Fistula
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Related Information for Haemorrhage Haemorrhage is a five-piece goregrind band from Madrid, Spain. Formed in 1990 as Devourment, Haemorrhage began its life as a trio, with Jose on bass and vocals, Luisma on guitar, and Emilio on drums, though this only lasted until the summer of 1991, when Emilio left the band. The group soon reformed, this time as duo, with Luisma again playing the role of guitarist and Jose taking over as drummer, with both performing vocals, and released their first demo as Haemorrhage, Gro.. read more