It Happened Because You Left lyricsEverything Rests On Your Small Shoulders lyricsThe Loneliness Inside Me Is A Place lyricsRally The Troops! Poke Holes In Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers With Their Coffins! lyricsSo How Many Points Do You Have 'till You Gain You Know The Ultimate Power lyricsI Am A Snail And You Are A Pace I Cannot Match lyricsYou Have To Believe That Life Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts Kiddo lyricsLilly I Have Something Important To Tell You lyricsEverything Is Connected And Everything Matters (a Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) lyricsHow To Stay Afloat In A Sea Of Change lyricsWith Your Greatest Fears Realized You Will Not Be Comforted lyricsAn Idea Is A Greater Monument Than A Cathedral lyricsIt Was Your Heart That Saved You lyricsWhat Had Taken Years To Put Together Was Destroyed In One Moment lyricsI Knew This Because As I Drove The Hole That Was Me And My Life Was Getting Smaller And Smaller lyricsWhen You Are Done Living On Borrowed Time lyricsK.o. K.o. (the Most Of My Worries Are The Least Of Your Concerns) lyricsIt's A Plague And You're Invited lyricsIf We Had Found You Any Later You Would Have Drowned lyricsYear Of The Rabbit lyricsThe Next Step To Regaining Control lyricsOur Love Has Made Us Pariahs lyricsIdk My Bff Jill lyricsWhat Safe Means lyricsDocumenting Thirty Days lyricsKeep What You Have Built Up Here lyricsThe Only One Who Could Ever Reach You lyricsWater lyricsArchival Footage lyricsThey Will Throw Us To The Wolves lyricsHow To Make Love Stay lyricsI Swim Like A Minnow lyricsEverything Familiar Has Disappeared! The World Looks Brand-new! lyricsI Would Have Stolen You A Whole Orchestra lyricsActually I'm Just Wearing Your Glasses lyrics
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Related Information for Empire! Empire! Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) is a band from Fenton, Michigan inspired by midwest mid-nineties emo bands.Social media: facebook / twitter / myspaceLabels: count your lucky stars / strictly no capital letters / stiff slack / keep it together / topshelf.. read more