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The Pokemon Theme lyricsGhost Whisperer lyricsWhy Can't We Be Friends So I Can Stab You In The Back lyricsPatience lyricsYeah You're My Pants lyricsBe Mine lyricsAbc's lyricsA Perfect Day lyricsTrainwreck lyricsI-45 Northbound lyricsRealizing What Was Once Had lyricsPromise Ring lyricsAll You Ever Need (to Get You By) lyricsEff The Police lyricsThe First Day Of School lyricsForever And More lyricsOn The Way Home lyricsBitches And Hoes lyricsDelusion lyricsBoats And Birds lyricsThose Eyes lyricsHey Mr. Dinosaur lyricsWhen It Rains lyricsSad Song lyricsSafe lyricsA Heart Shaped Balloon lyricsInside Jokes lyricsThe Sound Of Love lyricsDo A Barrel Roll! lyricsUntitled lyricsAll These Bitches lyricsI Miss You lyricsAndromeda lyricsQuicksand lyricsPlanes Trains And Long Goodbyes lyricsDustin lyricsEarly Spring lyricsCar Wash lyricsThese Old Bones lyricsIn Dreams (in Nightmares) lyricsMotionless lyricsEuropa lyricsShe Is The Light That Brightens My Heart lyricsI Just Took A Crap And Thejon Came Out lyricsDear Moon lyricsThanks For Disappointing Me lyricsThis Pink Bracelet Made Me Stay lyricsForever lyricsA Weeks Worth Of Tears lyricsA Cold Summer lyricsI Wouldn't Trade This For The World lyricsPhone Calls From Prague lyricsAphelion lyricsIs This What You Wanted lyricsSunshine lyricsLost At Sea lyricsOverland Park lyricsDream Girl lyricsLearning To Sleep lyricsDon't Forget To Read In Between The Black lyricsHow The Stars Fell Into The Sky lyricsFornever lyricsLullaby lyricsOver You lyricsThank You lyricsIt's Always The Quiet Calm Nights When The Stars Shine Almost As Bright As She Does lyricsLeaving lyricsPaper Scissors Bloody Broken Heart Hanging From A Nail On The Wall lyricsIf Sorry Meant Anything You'd Still Be Here (full Band Version) lyricsI Have A Crush On Michelle Branch lyricsStill Not An Emo lyricsI Pwn Newbs lyricsDude Where's Chads Llama lyricsA Candid Collection Of Thoughts And Emotions lyricsYou Thought You Could Beat Me In A Game Of Skip-it. You Were Wrong. lyrics
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Related Information for Emo Side ProjectEmo Side Project was started by Andrew McShan (also of the now defunct screamo band Lizards Have Personalities) in 2002 as a satire on ‘emo’ music culture by mixing serious and joke material. Over the years the project evolved into something much more... read more