You Don't Know What It's Like lyricsSession 08 Part Ii lyricsSession 05 lyricsJust Enough lyricsSession 03 lyricsFive Years lyricsThis Is Love lyricsUncle lyricsDriving South lyricsThe Mountain Range In My Living Room lyricsLittle Black Heart lyricsBaby Blue lyricsFluxy lyricsDecoration lyricsVisions Of What Once Was (demo) lyricsFigure It Out lyricsSession 09 lyricsIs It My Fault lyricsOutside lyricsDream Is Over (demo) lyricsNew Disaster lyricsI Don't Know How To Say This lyricsIn Currents lyricsWearing A Tie lyricsLike A Kid lyricsCall Off The Bells lyricsLook At Me lyricsClose To You lyricsSmell Of This Place lyricsLong Talks lyricsPower Of Love lyricsRunaway lyricsFrayed In Doubt lyricsThat's Not Your Real Name lyricsTell Me Why lyricsMake A Decision lyricsMake Believe lyricsGuilt & Swell lyricsA Stain On The Carpet lyricsDigital Age lyricsMoney In His Hand lyricsMake It Happen lyricsScared To Lose lyricsHair lyricsNever Coming Back lyricsDinner At The Money Table lyricsAll We Ever Needed lyrics1000 Times A Day lyricsGuess What lyricsA Bigger Meaning lyricsSession 06 lyricsThe Rest Of My Life lyricsWe're Finding Something Out lyricsIntro lyricsSession 04 lyricsThe Course Of Human Life lyricsSession 08 lyricsThe One That You Hated lyricsAshala Rock lyricsCome Back lyricsEvery Nights Another Story lyricsI Want To Hear You Sad lyricsOpen Eyes lyricsSunday Drive lyricsTake Time To Find lyricsWe Write The Wrong lyricsWhispering Actually lyricsPretty Pretty lyricsI Think This Is Love lyricsLove Song lyricsThe Truth Is lyricsEver So Sweet lyricsA Little More Time lyricsSession 02 lyricsWe Grew Up The Same lyrics
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Related Information for Early November The band was formed by guitarists Arthur "Ace" Enders (who was born on April 19th and grew up in Bass River, New Jersey, before moving to Hammonton, New Jersey) & Jim Sacco along with bassist Sergio Anello and drummer Jeff Kummer in Hammonton, New Jersey in February 2001. Together, they recorded a 5 track demo in Enders' basement and sent it, along with a poorly edited videotape to only one label: Drive-Thru Records.A couple of months passed while both Sacco and Anello had to.. read more