Not Those Kids lyricsWork Or War lyricsWho's To Blame lyricsWhere's The Money Gone lyricsWhen The Walls Come Crashing Down lyricsWe're All Equal In The End lyricsUntil We Die lyricsTuff Crowd lyricsThis Town lyricsThere's Your Threat lyricsThe Way It Is lyricsThe Proles lyricsThe Power lyricsThe Maine Punx lyricsThe Kids Will Revolt lyricsSucks To The Political lyricsYoung And Dead lyricsCut-ups lyricsSome Nerve lyricsI Don't Want It All lyricsOne Way Street lyricsFriendly Fire lyricsStuck In The Skull lyricsEverything Is Wonderful lyricsNot A Dime To Drop lyricsWe're Not Gonna Take It lyricsMaking Enemies lyricsScalped By Pop lyricsAgt Crew lyricsKeep Dancing lyricsSet Up lyricsFree Will lyricsThe Running Man lyricsChannel 34 lyricsStop The Violence lyricsSocial Quarantine lyricsGet In The Coffin lyricsFucking Racist Maggots lyricsFilthy Greedy Guilt lyricsFalse Patriot lyricsEveryone's Afraid lyricsElitist Attitudes lyricsEarache lyricsDon't Look lyricsConformity lyricsChannel 4 lyricsCause For Abortion lyricsBury Your Parents (mommy, Daddy) lyricsBlow You Away lyricsBloody, Red Eyes lyricsAmerican Culture lyricsHere We Are lyricsIdle Threats lyricsIn The Red lyricsSo Paranoid lyricsSmoke Up Your Ass lyricsSirens lyricsReligious Scam lyricsPass The Time lyricsOut In The Dark lyricsOn The Clock lyricsNo Cardinal Sin lyricsMy Neighbors lyricsMoney, Lies And Real Estate lyricsMind Bomb lyricsLiving Dead lyricsLive For Now lyricsLab Rat lyricsInvite A Coroner lyricsAll We Really Own lyrics
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Related Information for A Global Threat A Global Threat is an American street punk band, formed in 1997 in Maine (later relocating to Boston, MA). In 1998 they self-released their first EP, "The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority". They released 4 full-length albums, and many EP's including "In The Red" and "Earache/Pass The Time". They went through several band members during their lifetime, including Mark Unseen from the also notable street punk band, The Unseen. Brian Lothian, the vocal.. read more