Young Jeezy - Spray Somthin'
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Spray Somthin' Lyrics

G shit is all I do, dirt by my lonely
Thuggin is all I do, I keep that thing on me
Aint no workin it out, I gotta get this change
All I know how to do is get this change
I told him bring it all, if he aint bring it all
Ima leave that nigga layin there
I might just have to spray somethin baby (spray spray somethin baby)

Home got me fucked up, I am not with it
Dont matter what the target, AK'll hit it
Who gives a fuck, call the ambulance to come get it
Then its back to the (money) dont stop get it get it
Hold up, slow down, speed up,
nigga the 12 right behind us just put the weed up.
we got guns in this bitch, we got funds in this bitch
20s stacked up like 1's in this bitch
50s stacked up like blocks in this ho,
thats probably why its smellin like blocks in this ho,
you know im tryin to eat, so a nigga ridin dirty,
it aint even lunch time, its just eleven thirty.

When it goes down, I hope my shit dont jam,
Reason I get hit, I be god damned
Keepin my soldiers on deck incase we go to war,
120 deep like we bought to do it too.
Yeaaaaa, pull up in firelane trucks,
And they all coffee black, nigga starbucks.
Had it crackin like the drive thru at mickey D's
Instead of fries theys pickin up them quarter ki's
Who you with mother fucker this ya roll call,
Keep them 50 shots with me, them my road dogs.
Know what they say, if ya get caught with no vest

Then its RNG shit with no test.

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