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Hoax Lyrics

In July of '69
We blasted off to space,
to beat the Russians to the moon
And win the great space race!
But did we ever really go?
Or was it all a lie?
I posit that it's just a hoax
And now I'll tell you why!

Tell me, tell me why...
Tell me, tell me why!

It was a hoax that summer's eve
They showed it on TV,
But they control the media
And everything we see!
They filmed on a sound stage
In Area 51,
They thought that you would never know,
They think the public's dumb!

They think the public's dumb...
They think the public's dumb!

A hoax, a hoax,
This man's a joke!
A liar, a lout and a loon!
His argument's hollow,
Eleventh Apollo landed on the moon!
A hoax, a hoax?
It wasn't a joke,
History says that it's so,
I think that you'll find
That you can't change our mind,
All we'll say is no!
Al we'll say is no!
All we'll say is no!

They got some lights and rigged them up
To replicate the sun,
A big mistake two shadows make,
Of suns, there's only one!
Their footprints were formed perfectly,
Old Glory waved with grace,
That's quite a feat upon the moon,
Low gravity in space!

Low gravity in space...
Low gravity in space!

A hoax, a hoax,
This man's a joke!
The facts are black and white!
You cannot proclaim that they falsely exclaimed
'One small step!' That night!
A hoax, a hoax?
It wasn't a joke,
NASA says that it's true,
You must believe us,
They wouldn't deceive us,
We won't agree with you!
We won't agree with you!

Now here's the biggest fact my friends,
The one you can't refuse,
In forty years we've not been back,
Since 1972!
So why is that? Why not return?
What is there to hide?
It's that we never landed there!
It's all a big fat lie!

It's all a big fat lie...
It's all a big fat lie!

A hoax, a hoax,
This man's no joke!
The facts are terribly grey!
You stand at your altar and never did falter!
Opinions start to sway!
A hoax, a hoax,
The biggest of jokes!
Conspiracy runs deep!
We thought you we're lying but now we're denying
Mankind's giant leap!
Mankind's giant leap!

All aboard the truth express!
Next stop, the moon!

What can we believe is true?
Forget my car, I'm never driving again! Only listening
to people I hear on the train! God, I love the CTA!
The moon... The's all a lie...

I've given you a gift my friends,
A truth I ask you share! (I'll share!)
Enlighten all the people who
Believe without a care! (Right on!)
And as for me I take my leave
Across the nation wide! (Don't go!)
To tell all of the common folk,
The landing was a lie!
The landing was a lie!
The landing was a lie!

Apologies to Neil and Buzz,
I say the landing never was!


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