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Germs Lyrics

Sometimes I really want to be alone
But that's one state I'm never in
Because I know that I've got millions upon millions
Of tiny one-celled organisms living on my skin

(Germs) I rub and scrub until my flesh is raw and bleeding
(Germs) But they just come right back again
(Germs) I can't even see 'em
But I know they're up to something
Hey-don't touch that-you don't know where it's been!

They're all over me
They're inside of me
Can't get 'em off of me
I'm covered with...(microscopic bacteria)
What do they want from me
What'll they do to me?
There's no escape for me
I'm crawling with...(microscopic bacteria)

Now if I ever dare to go to sleep
That's when they start they're sneak attack
In the morning I wake up in utter horror
To find my teeth are covered with bacterial plaque

(Germs) Can't get those parasitic creatures off my face
(Germs) And there's more coming every day
(Germs) I never said that they could camp out on my body
I wish they'd pack their tiny little bags and move away

(chorus again)

They're creepin' around my shorts
They're under the bathroom sink
They're ridin' inside my car
They're swimmin' in every drink
They're hidin' between my toes
They're lurkin' in every kiss
I got 'em way up my nose
In every orifice
I'm gonna show them who's boss
I'm gonna get even yet
Just gimme some Lysol spray
Just hand me a moist towelette
Don't tell me I'm paranoid
I know that they're after me
Look under the microscope

(chorus again)

They're all over me
I can feel 'em all over me
Over every part of me
(Microscopic bacteria)
I know they're watching me
They're always watching me
They're coming after me
(Microscopic bacteria)
Won't somebody help me
Please somebody help me
You've got to believe me
They're out to get me
They wanna control me
They wanna destroy me
They're tryin' to kill me
It kind of upsets me

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