A War Inside Lyrics

The devil on my should tells me he's proud of me
That it takes a real man to look out for himself and no one else
I don't want to believe that
But sometimes it's easier to just stay silent

I wish I knew how to speak out
I never had a problem with words
But only when talking to someone else
There's a wear inside me that's all my own
And I need to talk like a king to keep myself afloat
But how much longer until everyone knows?

There's a war inside me that's all my own
There's a war inside me that's all my own

I should have started to take my own advice
From the moment that I started giving it
But I can only control what happens from here
And if none of this had happened
Then I couldn't have heard...

The angel on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me
That it takes a real man to live for everyone else before himself
I know I believe it
And it'll never get easier
But it will always be worth it

There's a war inside me that's all my own

I'm still learning to speak out against myself
And stay on the path I truly want to be on
Though I've lost my way more times that I have wished
My heart is constant and willing

I still believe that we were made for more
That what I've been doing lately
This end of depression will be the start of getting back what I have lost
Because I had become conceited
But I'm making it back to where I last left off
And so I've shown you my heart
Will you restore me?

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Songwriter(s): Eric Choi, David Stephens, Kyle Pavone, Joshua Moore, Lou Cotton, Andrew Glass
Copyright: BMI Publishing Designee Of Equal Vision Publi, Emi Blackwood Music Inc., We Came As Romans LLC
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Adam 09/20/12,20:20

Junior, i am the same way. i went through some hell the past 15 months. my family and i lost our house in NY and had to move and i was going out with this girl for 2 years and after i moved she left me and cut communication from me. changed number and facebook. it killed me inside, i still feel dead
chill 11/15/11,07:56

Great band.. to me its feels like the weight of the world is coming down... n it would be easier to take the short road but we know that its never the best way so we just keep trying to break through.
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