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Lay It On Ya Lyrics

We been eatin, breathin, and sleepin hip hop since way back
When shoelaces were fat and Michael Jackson was black
So when we hook up a track and attack like Red Sonja
We're gonna lay it on ya {We're gonna lay it on ya}
As I drop the snap caps with the laugh gas, get a gas mask
Or you'll take your last gasps, so you better act fast
Once I place it into circulation there's no stoppin it
Cause every action has a reaction equal and opposite
Einstein get on the Vestax, keep the (keep the) beat (beat)
Steady when you're movin the wax
I come off so fast that they call me Velcro
I'll bend a pretender like my elbow, from his beanie to shell toe
And render this pretender and his rappin to be null and void
Compound his pressure points and snap him like a Polaroid [Say cheese!]
I open eyes wide without ammonia
Hittin harder than high tide when I lay it on ya
"Don't let the fools get you down and..."
"Maximum capacity, the projects jump."
"Maximum capacity, the projects jump."
[Dizzy Dustin] + {Andy Cooper}
I settle in my skeleton like Jell-o in the gelatin
In comparison, start and end with the melanin
In my skin, and again, this is Dizzy Dustin
{Blowin it up,} so reverse the liposuction
I'm chocolat-e, been on more missions than a padre
On Pace like picante to saute a chupacabre
I stay hungry, like Al Bundy
Or kids who forgot their lunch money
Got a propellant to propel and repellent to repel
The excellent excel and the rest test and fail
So I keep my eyes clean, without the Visine
And don't ignore the hygiene like Dave the dope fiend
And Young Einstein got a dookie gold rope
I flow without lamaze, break it down like pneumonia
And I never pause when I start to lay it on ya
"Don't let the fools get you down and..."
"Maximum capacity, the projects jump."
"Maximum capacity, the projects jump."
When we rock a show all the heads they know
That we exercise good mic control
I stay stable like a neutron, it's on like a crouton
From here to the Yukon (the Yukon)
Man, I do an interplanetary tour, crusin in my battlestar
Leave 'em wantin more like a sumo at a salad bar
A U with a G, add a L and a Y, and then a Duckling
You can't deny we lay it on ya
"For those of you who love to hip hop"
"We rock, the best of 'em"

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