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Parabola Lyrics

We barely remember who or what came
before this precious moment,
We are choosing to be here right now.
Hold on, stay inside
This holy reality, this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in

This body. This body holding me. It's my
reminder here that I am not
alone in
This body, this body holding me, we are
All this pain is an illusion.

Alive, I'm

In this holy reality, in this holy
experience. Choosing to be here in

This body. This body holding me. It's my
reminder here that I am not
alone in
This body, this body holding me, the only
eternal love is: pain is an illusion.

Twirling round with this familiar
Spinning, weaving 'round each new
Recognize this as a holy gift and
celebrate this chance to be alive and
breathing, this chance to be alive and

This body holding me reminds me of my
own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember, we
are eternal,
all this pain is an illusion.

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Songwriter(s): Adam Jones, Daniel Carey, Maynard Keenan, Justin Chancellor, Maynard James Keenan, Justin Gunner Chancellor
Copyright: Toolshed Music, BMG Gold Songs
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Meaning to "Parabola" song text (18 meanings)
bowls 11/11/12,10:41

This entire album is existence manifested. Apply the fibonacci sequence over the the track list as many times in whatever order you want, each track starts where the preceding left off. Hence, I know the pieces fit. Spiral out. Embrace this music. Tool rule.
Jason 08/12/12,22:55

This song echoes similar beliefs and opinions held by Buddhists. Living in the present moment, realizing your body is merely a vessel and everything is all in one the same.
Michael 04/02/12,10:06

This song is talking about the sacred gift of life how we are divine beings and it is a gift to be able to be alive and breathing in these vessels.
Hayes 03/29/12,13:44

This video has nothing to do with dna, and the third eye has to do with the song Third Eye (prying open) from Aenima. This song is about seperating the body from the mind, thus Lateralus the album.
Dave 03/14/12,14:41

Maynard is in no way a religious man. He's spiritual but far from religious. He studies esoteric hermeticism and sacred geometry and ancient philosophy but does not dabble in any structured religion.
Deluca34 12/13/13,19:54

This song can be interpreted as a example of the soul.
How many times, i have died, will die. I don't mind. The pain our physical selves feel is not real, but an illusion in the grand scheme of the soul.

Cherishing every minute we have in our physical bodies is emphasized, for this life in this body is temporary, even though our souls are eternal, we may not be reborn as ourselves in our appearance we recognize, nor can we remember our former selves. The mathematics are determinate.

At the expiration of this body, you, i and all humans are faced with the question of judgement or rebirth. Celebrate this chance again to be alive.
harold of the rocks 10/01/12,19:23

Keep in mind that a song can mean anything to anyone. If you think it's about DNA, sex, or living in the moment, then that's what it is for you. Although, I CAN say that living in the moment is probably the meaning that is most obvious to interpret from this song.
Weecho 11/14/12,09:55

Ppl will die with out knowing and tring to figure out the real meaning of keymans lyrics. All you ppl should believed what their own mind tells you to believed on.
tool freak 10/13/12,06:56

I think he's talking about your soul and your mind all in one bodie and when you die your soul lives on so just enjoy the life your living in this momment.......
Justin 07/15/12,10:40

you guys missed the mark. its about having sex. hold on, stay inside this hole! then clevery turns it into holy (brilliant).In this body holding me?spinning, weaving round each new experience? duh.
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