I Want To Go To War Lyrics

I wanna go to waras long as we win
so choose carefully
remember where we've been
I wanna go to war
see myself on TV
but lets go somewhere with beaches
where the ladies tend to be
gotta pick your spots friend
can't carry too heavy a load
so easy to lose your way
on that moral high road so...
I wanna go to war
cause I got a flag
I need to hang it high
and call a fag a fag
I wanna go to war
'cause I ain't got a job
best way to forget

I'm a bottom feeding slob
trust me friend
I would not tell a lie
but I do get kinda squeamish
thinking that I might die so...
I wanna go to war
but I just can't fight
I got a bum knee from high school
but other than that I'm alright
I wanna go to war
gotta heat my home
coal and gas are for commies
oil runs off the capital dome
Wanna feel good again
in the land of hope and dreams
and while I'm waiting in the soup line
love to hear them bullets scream so..
I wanna go to war
I wanna go to war
I wanna go to war
I wanna go to war

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