Toby Turner - Dramatic Song
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Dramatic Song Lyrics

This song sounds dramatic
But I'm bad at writing words
If you don't speak English
This probably sounds pretty good.

You'd probably think I'm singing
'Bout some pretty serious stuff
But in reality I'm singing about
The lack of stuff I'm singing 'bout

This part's intense, and emotional!
As long as you don't understand it.
Your foreign grandma would love this song
Please send it to her and she'll probably

Tell her foreign friends about the song
Her grandson or daughter sent her today.
This song might hit the charts in her country
If parts sounded like Cold Play.

If the chorus sounds like Cold Play.
Then I put some la, la, las in there
La la la la la la la la la la la
Cold Play!

Hopefully your foreign grandma
listens to this song everyday
and if she asks you to translate the lyrics, here's what you say

A perfect translation does not exist,
Well at least, not in your language.
But if you must know, well picture this:

Fifty billion rainbows and the sun is setting
And the moon is setting also and you're there
In a gazebo, and then God descends from heaven
and he gives you a million dollars.

Take that feeling, and put it into a song
I could translate word by word
But that'd take too long.
And I've got stuff to do, Grandma

I don't have time for this
You gotta trust me
You gotta trust me, Grandma
This freakin' song is brilliant.

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Meaning to "Dramatic Song" song text (13 meanings)
tobyett 11/13/12,01:29

i love this song its the song im going to play at my friends funiral im he dies i love tobuscus so mush
Mrosethomson 12/12/12,06:30

This is me and my BFF's special friendship song and it is awesome! My favourite part is the rainbows and gazebo part. You are amazing Toby! XD
olive 10/24/12,15:16

For all of you crazy people: tobuscus and Toby turner are the same freekin person get your facts straight!
You All Fail 08/03/12,21:52

Tobuscus and Toby Turner are the same person. Tobuscus is his YouTube username, TobyGames is also. He has millions of subscribers, and he is the only human on Annoying Orange. I met him.
TobuscusFreak 07/22/12,09:44

You guys are all WRONG! This song is EPICOSITY!!! Also this freakin song is brillianT. And its coldplaaaaay. Now get out of my life forever. Thank you. Goodbye. Have a nice day.
Gaybuscus 07/10/12,19:37

Tobuscus needs to stop singing , its keeping me up at night. I even had to take his Diamond sword, unfortunately i lost my legal name so now its gaybuscus...
avery 06/02/12,09:46

i sounds to me like something really really bad just happened to someone and they are hurt or damaged and they need alot of help that is what the song means to me.
David 05/15/12,22:38

The war of 1812 was between the Russians and the Mongolians. Oh, and the Russians made a giant ballistica arrow that killed 12 people in one shot
Ratty 05/15/12,19:36

Send this song to your foreign grandma and tell her to picture 50 billion rainbows, the sun setting, the moon setting also, and you're watching it in a gazebo and God gives you a million dollars.
cambuscus 09/13/12,20:36

Audience wha- what are you doing looking at Tobuscus' dramatic song lyrics? Bless your face if you sneezed reading these lyrics bless you peace off BOOP! Outro of darkness then redness then whiteness! Bless your face.
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