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Simple Love Song Lyrics

the smile on your face let's me know that you need me. there's a truth in you'r eye's, sayin' you'll never leave me.

the touch of your hand says that you'll catch me if ever I fall.
you say it best when you say nothing at all.

I cant ever forget the way your hair smelled
when you rub up against my chest.
your smell lingered the house around me.
your love is like cupid's arrow piercing my heart.

I love you sooo much,
I love you
I..... love you baby.

hold my hand and let me take you to were you'r heart lies within.
dont give up just yet cause there is still so much too show you.....

I love you sooo much,
I love you so much
I........ love you

I cant ever forget the way you'r love filled my heart
and way it lingered around my heart .
it fills me up like you alway's do.
yeah , you saved me from one thing i could never get away from....

I love baby ...
I love you !!!

these lyrics are submitted by lisa anne marie

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biggest tdg fan EVER 12/15/11,18:22

ummm. this is bs... THIS NOT THREE DAYS GRACE, dude you are like so messed up... I know every tdg song in existance (seriously, I do)and this is not one. wtf u thinkin? adam wouldn't write a love song
3dgfan1 03/29/10,16:45

what the fuk is wrong with you isint it aviouse this is NOT threedaysgrace imean when has 3dg EVER made a love song imean you must be realy fuked up if you acturealy think this is 3dg youre fukedup x8
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