Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Lyrics

We were sittin' up there on your momma's roof
Talkin' 'bout everything under the moon
With the smell of honeysuckle and your perfume
All I could think about was my next move

Oh, but you were so shy, so was I
Maybe that's why it was so hard to believe
When you smiled and said to me
"Are you gonna kiss me or not?

Are we gonna do this or what?
I think you know I like you a lot
But you're 'bout to miss your shot
Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

It was the best dang kiss that I ever had
Except for that long one after that
And I knew if I wanted this thing to last
Sooner or later I'd have to ask for your hand

So I took a chance
Bought a wedding band and I got down on one knee
And you smiled and said to me
"Are you gonna kiss me or not?

Are we gonna do this or what?
I think you know I love you a lot
I think we've got a real good shot
Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

So, we planned it all out for the middle of June
From the wedding cake to the honeymoon
And your momma cried
When you walked down the aisle

When the preacher man said, "Say I do"
I did and you did too, then I lifted that veil
And saw your pretty smile and I said
"Are you gonna kiss me or not?

Are we gonna do this or what?
Look at all the love that we got
It ain't never gonna stop
Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

Yeah baby, I love you a lot
I really think we've got a shot
Are you gonna kiss me or not?

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Meaning to "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" song text (43 meanings)
Janie-Ray Gibson 12/17/12,11:13

i sang this song to one of my exes in an art room in 6th grade and he sung back yes to me it was funny and looking back now i really miss him.
2close4mycomfort 11/03/12,14:08

every stp u take i will b watching u pretty much bt no TRASHnUMIKE cnt stay outta lokdorz private property wellkarmaburnz4u2 wanab junkies music takersn soulbreakers so u can PLAY MY MUSIC N BITE ME BI TCH movn on means leavn beatn x behind not goin back 4hern bringn her 2trailertrash relaionship
Blanca 10/29/12,05:12

This song catches you right from the start;) it is crazy how ever new beginning begins with who will make that first move. I fell in luv with this song.
star gaznbaby 10/27/12,17:16

love this song fun n upbeat leaves me smiling no matter how much it can be tainted fr a past yet was my new beginnings of a rebirth of a life all me nobody but ME turn it up loud bite me
Becky 10/07/12,17:02

I am 29 years old. & this is mine and my husbands wedding song. It was dedicated to me a long time ago, but teenage relationships come and go. Now it means a lot to me. I live this song.
Crystal 07/11/12,15:56

I wanted this song to b me n my bfs but he aint country i need to get hym on a horse. Good song. Luv it
Chukwuma-Nwafor Chuma 04/30/12,22:27

The best dang song daht ai ever heard...el perfecto!..any naija chick wey like am 2 shld add me up on 2go..amuchleinad2
A&S 04/13/12,09:53

i listened 2 this song so much b4 finally asking my man out...its mine and his song :) ya'll r so awesome!!
Tiger 04/07/12,01:27

I adore this song! And for anyone who is as crazy about it as i am, try searching Julia Sheer who also sings it. IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!
Alexandrea and Torquisha Davis 03/29/12,08:21

are you gonna kiss me or noooooot?!?!?! This hur tune is the bees knees yall! this hur is me and torays song!
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