Big Rock Candy Mountain Lyrics

Composed by: Harry McClintock (disputed)

One evening as the sun went down and the circus it was over,
The tent came down, and the funny old clown said, “Boys, I’m now in clover.”
I headed for a land that's far away beside the popcorn fountain.
Now I'll see you all this coming fall in the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain, there's a land that's bright and fair...
Where the doughnuts grow on bushes and there's lots of cookies there...
Where the dogs and cats are happy, and the sun shines everyday...
Where there's birds and bees in the bubble-gum trees by the lemonade springs,
And the whippoorwill sings in the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain, the houses are built on blocks,
And the little streams of soda pop come trickling down the rocks.
The soldiers there are made of lead, and they are very brave.
There's a lake of stew and ice cream too.
You can paddle all around in a paper canoe...
In the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain, the frogs have wooden legs,
And the bulldogs all have rubber teeth, and the hens lay hard-boiled eggs.
There's chocolate pie in all the trees and jam in all the lakes.
Well I'm gonna go where the wind don't blow. There's a big free show,
And there's candy snow in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

So come with me, and you're gonna see the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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Songwriter(s): Walter F. Kerr, Roger Henry Brough Whittaker, Elie Siegmeister, Harry Mcclintock, Burl Ives, Foster Carling, Roger Whittaker
Copyright: Northern Music Co., Leeds Music Corp., Redwood Music Ltd., Tex Ritter Music Publc. Inc., Universal Music Publishing Mgb Ltd.
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