Taylor Swift - You Don't Have To Call Me
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You Don't Have To Call Me Lyrics

You don't have to call me
And say you're sorry
I'm already gone

You don't have to call me
And break my heart
Each time i try movin on, oh

You don't have to call, Anymore
Oh, Yeah
You don't have to call baby

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taylor swift! 12/06/10,10:26

hey everybody. this is the real taylor swift. i just want to say i love all of my fabulose fans. yes i do think this song needs a little bit more words im work on that right now. you are the best fans
Ellixx 01/22/11,05:14

to 'taylorswift!', bull crap, u are so not!! you even spelt fabulous wrong, and if you are, prove it. besides i dont think a singer will actually search up their own songs, anyways are not the lyrics!
Alysa 08/09/10,15:44

hi talor! don't you think that your song you do't have to call me! needs a littel bit more words in it? any way i'm a huge fan! and it would make me feel a lot better if you could tipe me back!thank u
Jennifer(: 03/10/10,08:43

Considering most of you idiots are thinking about Taylor's song You're Not Sorry, I dont expect you to be open minded enough to realize this is a completely different song and these are ALL the lyrics
Amber-Lee Michele Oliviaa 02/04/10,06:31

I Think The Song You Guys Are Thinking Of, Is You're Not Sorry. But This Isn't It Isn't It, This Is A Completly Different. Look It Up, The Is The Complete Song. Chill. True Taylor Fans Would Know That
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