Thug Story Lyrics (ft. T-pain)


[Taylor Swift ft T Pain]
I'm like 8 foot 4, blond hair to the floor
you shorties never thought I dreamed about
rapping hardcore

no I ain't got a gun
no I never really been in a club
still live with my parents
but I'm still a thug

i'm so gansta you can find me baking cookies at night
you out clubbing, well I just made caramel delight t swift and t pain
rappin on the same track
it's a thug story, tell me can you handle that

I had a dream last night I had high-top Nike
I had diamonds in my mouth, and diamonds on my mic
by the time I woke I was singing "I'M ON A BOOOOAAT"

cuz I'm a singer turned rapper
shorty I'm a make ya
straight to the top, yo
shorty I'ma take ya

you can call me T Sweezy now I'm a rap star
it's a thug story now tell 'em who you are

singer turned gangsta
you don't wanna fight me
straight to the top
in my extra small white tee

t swift and t pain all up on the same track
it's a thug story now can you get with that

what! what! I knit sweaters yo!
what! what! don't test me [bleep]

hey hold on, hold on I didn't even say anything
I said "yo"
you guys bleeped me and I didn't even say anything
I didn't even swear

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Songwriter(s): Taylor Swift, Ryan Follese, Faheem Rasheed Najm, Nash Overstreet, T.-Pain
Copyright: Universal Music - Z Songs, Nappypub Music, Taylor Swift Music, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing
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cally4 12/30/11,11:35

man taylor is awesome. she needs to rap more often. the video is amazing. it was even funnier when she was on snl.
harry potty guy 12/28/11,18:31

i dont get y u hav 2 type a code... makes no sense 2 me... and this song makes me feel nauseous BLAH and I HATE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!she sucks
Vampirechic 12/15/11,19:22

I Love This Song! Taylor Is Such An Inspiration! Those Tabloid Magazines With Stuff Saying If She's Smoking Or Mean Stuff Like That, Ya'll Are Sick!! You Take A Great Singer And Then Tear Them Down!
Your Comments Are Weird 10/16/11,15:47

Your comments are indifferent to the song. You need to comment ABOUT THE SONG, NOT OTHER ARTISTS. Go comment on their songs, not Taylor Swift's Songs. Have A Nice Day.(:
miketheman 09/09/11,14:55

yo kala andrews u aint her cousin n no t-pain didnt ask to do no duet cause im t-pains homieeeee 4 life lyer
kayla andrews 05/13/11,08:48

Hey taylor it's your cousin just wanting to say nice I never thought you had it in you to do a rap section like that but anyway t-pain called and he wants to know if you can record another song k bye
Miss Lady 02/04/11,14:11

Lolzzz taylor put it down. In her extra small white tee. Now thats a thug story tell me cann you handle that?? what?! what?! i like taylor YO
Hot Party Girl 01/25/11,20:18

Any single guys out there that wanna hot gf?Im 16 hot and from Pa!:DIm 5'6 or 5'7 and weigh about 128.Something like that,well i come to this site alot so writeback,btw luv this song!:)ttyl!
BLEEP 12/06/10,18:09

DONT TEST ME ( BLEEP ) WHAT?!!??!? I DIDNT EVEN SWEAR HAHA SO FUNNY w8 i already commett lol yea i was um haha funny lol well what ev
haha funny 12/06/10,18:06

hahahhaha this is so funny!!! Ik that she did a rap with T- Pain on the awards show put actually never ever seen it or heard it lol. Im going to listen to this for ev lol!!
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