Busted Lyrics

Well, I saw the things you were doing at the VMAs
And when I got that video award, you took the mic away
Now, I'll try to call security with every step I take
And nothing will even stop with all the music that I ever make

Don't think you're gonna win this time
'Cause you better believe that you're not what you do
I'll get ya! (yeah)
I'll get ya! (yeah)
And when I do, Kanye you'll be busted

I don't wanna be mean to you
But you better believe me when I tell you that
You are never what you do
You're busted. (Busted!)
Yeah, everybody makes mistakes
But, this is how it's gonna be until you apologize on the VMAs
You're busted!

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Randomness 08/10/12,20:13

It isnt copying from phineas and ferb I dont think... It is just a PARADY!!! Same toon and diff words and its funny:)
Bella 01/14/12,20:01

Kanye was totally stupid, but Taylor Swift wrote a SONG about the VMAs and how he stole her speech??? Taylor, you still are my idol, but this is NAWT the way to make Kanye feel bad.
secret amy 03/25/11,01:20

hey taylor iam your biggest fan but you just copied that from my favorite cartoon phineas and ferb,,, originally thats by vanessa doofinsmirtz and candace gertrude flin,,,,,, duh!!!!
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