Healing Song Lyrics

Flower gleam and glow,
Let your power shine,
Make the clock reverse,
Bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt,
Change the fate's design,
Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine.
What once was mine.

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Meaning to "Healing Song" song text (19 meanings)
golden flower 12/17/12,14:29

I love this song and it defiantly works wonders. My best friend and I sing it all the time, we pretend that we have powers and that song is the key to magic. I wish a golden flower would grow in my yard. I am definitely growing my hair long and dying it blond. Oh and by the way special thanks to Mandy Moore. :)
Chloe 04/02/14,14:56

I love this song. It reminds me of my friends. When I grow up I am going to be just like Rapunzel. Have long golden hair, use a frying pan as a weapon, sing her songs, and marry a guy named Eugene but goes by Flinn.
Sonika a.k.a Ivorna 03/26/14,05:32

This song always makes me feel safe. I am a big fan of disney princesses and barbie! No one is too young to watch it! Some people may say that this is stupid not real and stuff. I think being a princess shows you you have to have character and confidence. Showing people that flaws is what makes you you! I hope people understand my opinion. Also hands down to Mandy Murray!
Jenny 01/10/12,16:35

For everyone talking about how Rapunzel has a great voice in this movie, you should know that it is Mandy Moore :) And yep, she's fantastic.
Lysandra 06/04/14,00:59

I love the song very much. I agree with 'DragonMagicRocks'. The song IS very magical and you almost do feel the magic is inside. Not actually interested in princesses, but fell in love with the song. Thank you!
Jenny 04/26/14,07:48

I love this song, I'm gonna remember this song so I can still pretend I'm a little girl pretending I'm a princess with special magical powers to heal others. Lol :)
sarahM. 07/24/12,02:27

I'm growing out my hair just so I can put it in a beautful braid, rapunzel gave me the idea. Any way, love it, love her, bye! Lol
someone 07/11/12,15:34

Really people by growing your hair won't give you special powers,and also won't ever grow that long. The movie however was AMAZING.
DragonMagicRocks 06/25/12,10:29

The song is magic, you can almost feel the magic inside you! The movie Tangled inspires me to believe in my dream. Always shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will always land among the stars. Magic!
JustplainMEE 02/22/12,18:53

Luv it! Me cuz + I sing it all the time! And my friend aka Crazy luvs mandy moore's husband Ryan Adams music which takes a lot of geting used to!
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