Switchfoot - Sooner Or Later (Soren's Song)


Sooner Or Later (Soren's Song) Lyrics

Come back and haunt me
Follow me home
Give me a motive
Swallow me whole

They say I've lost it
What could I know
When I'm but a mockery?
I'm so alone

Sooner of later you'll find out
There's a hole in the wall

Today is ours
Condemned to be free
Free to keep breathing
Free to believe

I look to find you
Down on my knees
Oh God, I believe!
Please help me believe

Sooner or later they'll find out
There's a hole in the wall
Sooner or later you'll find out
That you'll dream to be that small

I'm a believer, help me believe

I gave it all away and lost who I am
I threw it all away
With everything to gain
And I'm taking the leap
With dreams of shrinking
Yeah, dreams of shrinking

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Friend of the Foot 08/07/10,16:38

This is a great song! I consider it to be very under-rated, it is truly beautiful. And it's one of Tims favourites out of the less known songs (read on Twitter) :)
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