Joey Lyrics

What if I said yes?
What if I'd gone out that night?
What if you turned left
Everything would've turned out alright?

What if I spoke up?
What if I took the keys?
What if I had tried a little harder
Instead of always trying to please?

Joey, I'm so sorry
Oh, can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry

What if I'd said no?
What if we'd never fell in love?
What if we'd gone slow
Or a little be faster and broken up?

Would I know this hurt?
Would I feel this pain?
Do you know that with all I have left
In my very last breath I will call your name?

Joey, I'm so sorry
Oh, can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry

Were you sad? Were you scared?
Did you whisper a prayer to be free?
Was it quiet and cold? Was it light or too dark to see?
And did you reach for me?

Joey, I'm so sorry
Oh, can you hear me?
Joey, I'm so sorry
Oh, can you hear me?

Joey, I'm so
Joey, I'm so sorry


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Meaning to "Joey" song text (13 meanings)
Tara 02/09/11,09:48

Yea i know how you all feel. i lost my cousin Joey. He was my bestfriend. i go crazy everyday thinkin bout him. we dont relise the best things til theyre gone. i loveyou Joey..
Jessie 07/13/10,10:35

Nightswimming is an REM song that Nettles sings a few verses of before Sugarland's song Joey. I'm glad the interpretation of Joey's fate isn't clear because it makes the song poignant to many people.
Tina 05/22/10,08:58

I don't think it matters if it be a car accident or not,I myself can relate just to the fact I to had a son named Joey and he committed suicide over a girl and I thought about what he felt.
Georgia 05/06/10,20:13

This is a beutiful song, my son, Joey, we called him when he was younger, died in a car accident and I feel like this song was from him to me. He watches over me always. Thank you for this song.
dolphingal 03/29/10,16:01

the nightswimming part of the title is because of the first part of the song. if you listen to it live i know she sings part of this older song called nightswimming.
Frenchy 03/09/10,01:38

This song is so touching.. Gives me chills everytime I hear it.. Sugarland you 2 are GREAT... Kisses and hugs to you both...
Sydnee 01/06/10,11:30

I think its about a couple and joey is drunk they get in a fight so joey drives off gets in a crash now hes in a coma and his wife regrets letting him go an will remember him until the day she dies :(
Insignment 10/11/09,15:12

Joey wanted to swim at night with his girlfriend on a hot summer night after having a few.She chose not to go, and now she regrets her decision and wonders if it might made a difference in his death.
jesse 09/25/09,11:48

we think Joey died because she broke up with him, he sped off, drove too fast, and now she's blaming herself.
Susie 09/12/09,18:55

I lost my husband JOEY a few months back to tragedy.This song really touched my family.We feel like this song was sent to us!Thanks!!!!
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